iFLYTEK has been leveraging technology to expand the boundaries of social good to build a better world through communication. It has committed itself to integrating technology into current trends, balancing resources with technological capabilities, measuring the value of technology through benefits to users, and ensuring they make a meaningful difference in people's lives.

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01. Fundamental Education

Provide Equitable and High-Quality Education

iFLYTEK aims to promote high-quality and balanced education through innovation in core technologies; enable precise teaching, research, and analysis for teachers; accurately identify students' areas of improvement; reduce the burden on teachers and students, and eliminate educational issues. iFLYTEK Smart Education products and services rely on the integration of key technologies such as machine reading comprehension, knowledge graph construction, machine essay scoring, OCR image and text recognition, and intelligent voice with teaching applications. The smart solutions address areas covering all aspects of education, including teaching, learning, examination, evaluation, and all levels of management. Currently, iFLYTEK Smart Education products have been widely used in 32 provinces in China, as well as in Japan and Singapore.

Since its launch in 2017, the Education Social Good program has reached over 1,000 schools nationwide and has helped tens of thousands of teachers and students. Through this program, iFLYTEK hopes to foster optimism in the capabilities of technology, foster motivated and hard-working individuals, and enable students to lead fulfilling lives.

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Promoting Education Reform by Easing Excessive Workloads and through Off-Campus Tutoring

iFLYTEK launched an after-school virtual program in 2022 focused on issues outside the classroom, including mental health, anxiety, parent-child relationships, general learning issues, and education during suspensions. The lectures have garnered a total of 247,000 views. Though diverse and insightful content, the program aids students and parents in home-school co-education and helps schools and teachers improve their guidance in youth education.

02. Primary Medical and Health Services

Empower Community-Level Medical Care

iFLYTEK continues to explore technology in healthcare, making high-quality medical resources more accessible and fairer to alleviate the shortage of nearly 400,000 general practitioners in China and make up for the lack of qualified county-level primary care doctors. In 2017, iFLYTEK's “Intelligent Medical Assistant” robot became the first in the world to pass the national clinical physician written exam, surpassing 96.3% of human candidates. iFLYTEK built the robot with an AI-assisted diagnosis and treatment system and further created AI assistants for doctors to improve diagnostic and treatment capabilities. The AI health assistants are also matched with residents to enhance the accuracy of diagnoses and manage health effectively.

The Intelligent Medical Assistant provides advanced functions such as medical record quality control, assisted diagnosis, rational drug use, and medical knowledge retrieval for doctors to ensure high-quality primary healthcare. Currently, the Intelligent Medical Assistant is utilized in more than 380 districts and counties in China, providing over 500 million assisted diagnostic suggestions and identifying over 40 million cases of unnecessary prescriptions. The Intelligent Medical Assistant helped correct diagnoses for 635,000 patients this past year alone.


03. Poverty Alleviation

Stabilize Employment and Revitalize Rural Area

iFLYTEK seeks to revitalize rural areas by building AI employment workshops—fostering information technology and education to drive employment and improve people's livelihood.

By leveraging its advantage in technology empowerment and focusing on the data annotation industry, iFLYTEK has helped lift localities out of poverty. The combination of industry, technology, and drive has opened new paths for rural revitalization.


04. Cultural Inheritance

Preserve and Rejuvenate Dialects

To preserve local accents and pass down culture, iFLYTEK is committed to protecting dialects as an important cultural medium for communication.

The iFLYTEK Input Method initiated the "Dialect Protection Program" in 2017 to innovate dialect protection through AI. Since 2021, the iFLYTEK Input Method and iFLYTEK Suzhou Research Institute have collaborated with Studio Shenlouzhi to release the “Gusu Trivial Records” short films. The short films use technology to dub the Suzhou dialect, combine modern images with ancient local accents, and fully integrate short videos and modern new media technologies to creatively preserve traditional cultural heritage through text, sound, and video formats.

In December 2021, the dialect cultural short film, “Gusu Trivial Records: Gold-Thread Garments,” was released online. In March 2022, the second dialect cultural short film, “Gusu Trivial Records: Lazy to Paint Eyebrow,” was released. The final dialect cultural short film, “Gusu Trivial Records: Celestial Maiden,” was released in August 2022.

These films aim to engage interest in traditional culture through innovative dialect expressions. Since the “Gusu Trivial Records” release, over 1.9 million have viewed the short films, and over 100,000 have participated in their interactive components. The films were promoted as part of the broader "Suzhou Dialect Special Plan."


05. Disabilities Assistance

Improve Inclusivity and Accessibility

iFLYTEK utilizes technology to address social issues and has worked to assist those living with disabilities with barriers in their daily lives.

06. Global Events

Support Multilingual Barrier-Free Communication

iFLYTEK achieved barrier-free communication at Beijing's 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. As the official, exclusive automated translation software supplier of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, iFLYTEK provided technical products such as translators and conference transcriptions for the Games.

iFLYTEK fully supported exchanges among athletes, coaches, tourists, and volunteers from different countries and regions during the Olympic Games to achieve barrier-free communication inside and outside the stadium. iFLYTEK's efforts and translation services received praise from the Organizing Committee and Olympic champions, including Eileen Gu (Gu Ailing) and David Wise.

The iFLYTEK transcription system alone was used in nearly 50 offices in various departments, providing more than 1,000 barrier-free communication services. Additionally, iFLYTEK provided translation devices to media representatives, athletes, and volunteers to assist with their interactions.


07. Entrepreneurial Support

Assist Startup Companies with Resource Integration

iFLYTEK's mission is to make technology a standard utility like water and electricity to support entrepreneurs pursuing their innovations.

iFLYTEK has worked to aid entrepreneurs by summarizing and integrating its industrial chain resources and managing and supporting individual teams. iFLYTEK's industrial ecological platform actively provides entrepreneurs with resources and suggestions to improve the probability of successful entrepreneurship.

By the end of December 2022, the iFLYTEK Open Platform has opened 545 products and capabilities, gathered 3.805 million developers, and created more than 1.595 million applications, covering over 3.7 billion terminal devices. The platform includes over 717,000 college students and has linked more than 5 million ecological partners.

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Development of Social Responsibility

As a representative of high technology enterprises in China, iFLYTEK adheres to an innate sense of social responsibility and actively uses technology for social good. iFLYTEK practices its social responsibility by promoting technology and industrial development to meet various needs present in society.

Technology will be an essential engine to promote social progress in the next decade. iFLYTEK will uphold its original aim of building a better world through technology and take all necessary steps.

iFLYTEK will work to consistently maintain its leading edge in core technologies to contribute to the technologyindustry and its growth, provide essential support for life-changing solutions, empower thousands of sectors, serve to better lives with innovative technology products, and reward investors with sound development and performance. Additionally, iFLYTEK will actively participate in social undertakings alongside its partners to play even more significant roles and create greater value in leveraging technologyto promote the economic and social development of society.