Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

iFLYTEK’s mission is to “make the machine hear and speak, to understand and think, and use artificial intelligence to build a better world.” The company creates responsible products that improve healthcare and education as well as helping businesses and cities make smarter decisions utilizing AI.

iFLYTEK seeks to improve education and medicine with AI technologies, as well as to support linguistic and cultural communications and charitable projects that improve lives.

AI + Public Good

iFLYTEK AI+ Public Good has donated over 8 million RMB of the latest AI education products to over 40 schools in rural China.

ai public good
ai health care

AI + Healthcare Aid

AI+ Healthcare Aid is helping prioritize and distribute medical resources to in-need patients in the rural locations of China so that all people are getting access to quality medical care.

Preservation of Chinese Dialects

As a company devoted to AI and speech technology, iFLYTEK is a perfect solution to help preserve various Chinese dialects.

By the day, different Chinese dialects are disappearing from modern day speech. iFLYTEK records and preserves recordings of these disappearing Chinese dialects to prevent their extinction and preserve Chinese culture for future generations.

Preservation of Chinese Dialects
AI Hearing

AI + Hearing

iFLYTEK bridges the chasm of communication for the hearing and visually impaired with its smart speech and AI technologies. Its speech recognition technologies enable the hearing impaired to ‘see’ voice, and its speech synthesis technologies enable the visually impaired to ‘hear’ text.

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