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Why choose iFLYTEK?

The iFLYTEK group of companies is well-known as a leader in Research and Development (R&D) and for its transformative products in the A.I. business world. Its A.I. products, ranging from education, healthcare, lifestyle to workstyle, all have a positive impact on its users.


Leading A.I. Technology


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Proven Solutions


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AI + Innovation

iFLYTEK Open Platform

iFLYTEK Open Platform was launched in 2010 by iFLYTEK as a platform centered on intelligent voice and human-computer interaction, providing global developers with one-stop AI solutions.

AI + Communication


Jarvisen is a new-generation translator that enables effortless communication

AI + Office

iFLYTEK Smart Recorder

iFLYTEK Smart Recorder

iFLYTEK Smart Recorder is a series of smart recording devices with sound storage, editing, transcribing, viewing, and sharing capabilities.

iFLYTEK AI Keyboard & Mouse

iFLYTEK AI Keyboard & Mouse

iFLYTEK AI Keyboard & Mouse are AI office devices that support voice input, voice translation and voice control.

iFLYREC Intelligent Conference System

iFLYREC Intelligent Conference System

The iFLYREC Intelligence Conference System is an intelligent office solution

AI + Education

Chinese Learning Platform

Global Chinese Learning Platform

The Global Chinese Learning Platform is the first intelligent Chinese learning portal…

Jingle Magic

Jingle Magic

Dually powered by AI and augmented reality (AR), Jingle Magic is striving to build a connected intelligent education platform

AI + Automobile

iFLYTEK Vehicle Voice Assistant (International Version)

Supports multilingual voice wake-up, voice recognition, and voice interaction

AI + Service

iFLYTEK AI Outbound System

The AI Outbound System is an intelligent application system that is programmed to offer human-like outbound calls.

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