There is an "A.I. Doctor" in the village

There is an “A.I. Doctor” in the village

Recently in Yuchi Village, a 65-year-old villager went to see his doctor in and stated that he had been experiencing uncomfortable incontinence for nearly a week.

After inquiring about the patient’s conditions, Dr. Jia initially judged that he was suffering from acute gastroenteritis. The doctor’s initial instinct was to prescribe antidiarrheal drugs based on the patient’s symptoms. However, Dr. Jia began to worry when the patient reported that he was experiencing additional symptoms including vomiting, dizziness, and coughing while drinking water.

Fortunately, the health clinic had recently installed the “iFLYTEK A.I. Medical Assistant”, and Dr. Jia was able to enter all of his patient’s symptoms into the iFLYTEK system. He was immediately alerted that the patient may be experiencing a stroke, while simultaneously receiving a referral and emergency warning.

This was the first time Dr. Jia had an emergency situation at the clinic. “Just to be on the safe side, I immediately terminated the consultation and recommended that the patient go to the township health center for an examination.” Afterward, Dr. Jia was informed that the patient was diagnosed with cerebral infarction, commonly referred to as stroke. After being transferred to the hospital for examination, the patient received active and effective treatment for his condition, which might have otherwise gone untreated.

Thanks to the accurate diagnosis and timely treatment, the villager was able to return home with a clean bill of health.  Dr. Jia commented on the accuracy of the iFLYTEK A.I. Medical Assistant, saying, “Thanks to the assistant diagnosis advice of the “iFLYTEK A.I. Medical Assistant” system, we became aware of the details that we may have missed, reducing and avoiding misdiagnosis, and also saving precious time for the timely transfer of critically ill patients.”

Dr. Jia uses the "iFLYTEK A.I. Medical Assistant" system at work

Dr. Jia uses the “iFLYTEK A.I. Medical Assistant” system at work

“Our clinic does not have the basic equipment for systematic examination. If it were not for the auxiliary diagnosis opinion given by the iFLYTEK A.I. Medical Assistant, it would not be possible to locate the cause of the patient’s symptoms so quickly and advise him to transfer to a higher authority hospital for diagnosis and treatment. There is an “A.I. Doctor” in the health center! The villagers are all very curious about the “iFLYTEK A.I. Medical Assistant”.

iFLYTEK A.I. Medical Assistants reduce the burden and increase efficiency for basic medical care

The iFLYTEK A.I. Medical Assistant applies technologies including medical cognitive intelligence, medical reasoning, and knowledge graphs to the process of primary medical and health services to build artificial intelligence applications to support doctors and patients. Without changing doctors’ workflow and habits, the IFLYTEK A.I. Medical Assistant can analyze medical records in real time and provide quality inspection reminders to assist medical professionals by standardizing their medical records, while simultaneously giving diagnosis suggestions. When the diagnosis results made by doctors are inconsistent with the system recommendations, the system will automatically conduct risk audits through the audit platform to build a closed-loop diagnosis and treatment service for critical illness and major infectious diseases.

At present, the iFLYTEK A.I. Medical Assistant has covered more than 30,000 primary medical institutions in nearly 200 districts and counties across the country, served more than 50,000 primary doctors, benefited more than 50 million residents, and provided more than 400,000 auxiliary diagnostic opinions per day, effectively improving the level of diagnostic and treatment services at primary medical facilities.

iFLYTEK has been committed to smart medical care for many years and knows that medical care can be improved through the use of A.I. and data analytics. In doing so, the company is determined to pursue the thorough integration of artificial intelligence technology within the medical industry to improve the work efficiency and service capabilities of medical staff, and achieve equity of access to high-quality medical resources. iFLYTEK will continue to uphold the principle of down-to-earth innovation, upgrading products and services, and ultimately enabling more regions to enjoy the convenience of A.I. development.

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