The iFLYTEK Smart Voice Recorder Helps Book Store Manager through the Pandemic

The iFLYTEK Smart Voice Recorder Helps Book Store Manager through the Pandemic

Yang Zhimin has worked in bookstores for 13 years and is the manager of the Lusen Bookstore in Fuzhou. In the aftermath of the initial COVID-19 wave in China, Yang said that it was the iFLYTEK smart recorder that carried him through the dark and uncertain times.

Throughout the epidemic, the iFLYTEK smart voice recorder helped document his thoughts, emotions, expectations, and goals, something he is grateful to have been able to do in those trying days.

Yang Zhimin shared his experiences with iFLYTEK below.

Q: Why did you continually engaged in the bookstore industry?

A: I started it out because I enjoyed it. Gradually, I found that the bookstore had become part of me. Across the country, there are many people like me. They may also move their work locations, but no matter where they go, they will always be engaged in this industry. They will only switch jobs from one bookstore to another and never leave the book dealing industry.

The iFLYTEK Smart Voice Recorder Helps Book Store Manager through the Pandemic

Q: What was the opportunity for you to start using iFLYTEK ‘s products?

A: I have forgotten the details, but I started using iFLYTEK’s products a long time ago. Starting from the input method, IFLYTEK’s input has achieved an astonishing level of input voice transcription accuracy. Even my southern Fujian accent, which is very strong, can still be accurately transcripted. Since then, I have enjoyed the convenience brought by iFLYTEK’s products.

Then for a while, I helped a friend who was making a video with subtitles. At that time, I thought, can I use tools to automatically convert the sound in the video into text, and then manually check the accuracy? This can greatly improve my work efficiency. Then I tried several voice-recognition softwares on the Internet and decided to stick with iFLYTEK’s.

Q: During the epidemic, you often used the iFLYTEK smart recorder to write your diary. What made you do this?

A: During the epidemic, when I had nothing to do at home, I would often do some research on various new gadgets. Then I bought the iFLYTEK smart voice recorder SR501, which brought me countless unexpected conveniences and benefits. Keeping a diary is just one of them. Because for people like me, thinking changes very quickly. If you want to write down your thoughts, your thinking often changes before you can start writing. In the end, it often becomes impossible to record anything. But it’s different with the iFLYTEK smart voice recorder. Whatever I think of, I turn on the iFLYTEK smart voice recorder and start talking, and then the device can quickly convert the voice into text format while recording it. It helped me record what I thought at the time. It was a marvelous process. I am very grateful to iFLYTEK’s products for recording some of my thoughts promptly.

Q: What is the main content of your diary?

A: It’s the weird contents of my mind every day. It’s everything. One part is related to the epidemic and the other part is related to my personal work and interests. For example, there is a bookstore, which was started by a young couple that had left behind a lot of very touching and interesting stories. I read a lot of stories about the bookstore before and after it was founded and I felt very touched. I recorded some of my personal feelings with the iFLYTEK Smart Recorder at the time.

Q: Can you talk about the impact of the outbreak on the bookstore industry?

A: A huge impact. In the beginning, the bookstore, like all industries, was unable to open for business, so it missed the Chinese New Year golden business period. This used to be a month of performance that could cover two or three months. Missing this wave naturally put immense pressure on the business throughout the year. Moreover, the bookstores were basically commercial stores, and the landlords did not offer much for rent reductions or exemptions, but the staff had to be paid as usual. It was not uncommon for many bookstores to fail. After that trying period, the next few months were still difficult, as people were not going out as much, and store traffic was only half or even a third of previous years. The store stayed open, and the operating costs did not change much, but the performance was not as good as before, so losses were being incurred. In the past, there were still some regular groups of paper book lovers who looked after the bookstore business, but after the epidemic, people tended to spend their money on more essential things. Spiritual food, like books, is not a necessity for everyone, so a decline in performance was inevitable.

The iFLYTEK Smart Voice Recorder Helps Book Store Manager through the Pandemic

Q: How did you get through those times?

A: We’re still in a low period. We’re also launching aggressive campaigns for carrying out group purchase orders. So far it’s going well. With a target of adding one city and one partner agency per month to increase the proportion of group purchase, I believe we will gradually begin to break even.

In the interview, Yang Zhimin said that the Translation Thinking Forum was held in his city of Fuzhou. This event, led by the Oracle Publishing brand of the Social Sciences Literature Publishing House, invited the best translators in the country to gather for a salon exchange. The event is an important cultural event for Fuzhou. Yang said that it was an interesting and rewarding experience to have the opportunity to participate in the event as a reader. He also wanted to do his best to rid the image of Fuzhou as a “cultural desert” in people’s minds.

Yang ended by saying  that the reason for talking about iFLYTEK’s smart voice recorder and his pandemic experience was because he felt that translation itself is an important way to promote cultural communication. To keep building on positive experiences like Yang’s with smart voice recognition technology, iFLYTEK will continue pushing forward in it’s future of translation services.

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