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Social Worker Uses iFLYTEK Recorder to Better Help People in Need

Hu Wenjing, a 25-year-old social worker from Hefei, Anhui and a postgraduate student of the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, Hubei, has worked for years to assist disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. During her four years in university alone, she devoted nearly 1,600 hours to about 20 different social programs.

Social Worker Uses iFLYTEK Recorder to Better Help People in Need

In helping the variety of programs that Hu is engaged with, she needs to keep in contact with the her patients and pay special attention to the language she uses with them. Throughout the process of her voluntary services, she records her discussions to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of those she aids and then provide professional targeted assistance.

During her time in university, Hu worked to help seniors in her community yet faced challenges in understanding the local dialect which impacted her ability to keep detailed records of the talks. However, with the iFLYTEK Smart Recorder, Hu was transcribe what the seniors said into written texts in real time and immediately send texts to her teachers and classmates for discussion.

Hu has engaged herself in other different social programs, such as serving the participants of the Fifth National Skills Competition for the Disabled and assisting children, who can’t hear or speak in rehabilitation centers. “I feel like I’m full of energy, always eager to help others,” she once said in a recording on her iFLYTEK Smart Recorder.

For example, Hu once helped a a 13-year-old boy who was dealing with insecurity by holding regular discussions with him. She later found out that the boy’s parents had divorced, leaving him to live with his father. However, the father remarried, and the boy was sent to live with his aunt—leading to a sense of abandonment. After various interactions over the summer vocation, she was excited by the positive developments she had seen from the young boy “When he felt that I understand him and care about him, he began to listen to me and trust me,” Hu said.

In another voluntary service program, Hu helped a retired university teacher in his 90s. The teacher was consistently reviewing his English-translated autobiography with the hope of passing on his 37 years of experience in teaching foreigners Chinese., though faced difficulties in editing given his advanced age. When Hu interacted with him, she recorded all of their talks to carefully analyze his specific needs. With her continuous efforts, the retired professor finally realized his dream and had his autobiography published. “Thank you! Only you can make the last wish of a ninety-year-old come true,” he said to Hu.

iFLYTEK Recorder

Through firsthand experiences in utilizing AI technology to enhance services and assist disadvantaged groups, Hu understands how innovation in this field can greatly increase the personal impact that she can make. She hopes that additional artificial intelligence applications will be developed to assist in other areas as well as to continue improving the conditions of those in need.

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