Mr. Hu Guoping: With the "Hammer" of AI, We Can Empower Digital Transformation

Mr. Hu Guoping: With the “Hammer” of AI, We Can Empower Digital Transformation

At the opening ceremony of the AI Expo 2021 on September 16, Mr. Hu Guoping, Senior Vice President of iFLYTEK and head of the iFLYTEK Research Institute, delivered a keynote speech titled “Artificial Intelligence Empowers Digital Transformation of Enterprises.” He mentioned that the current wave of digital transformation is sweeping through all walks of life and that the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing have become the new generation of productive forces. He pointed out that in the digital era, the application of AI has grown evermore comprehensive in its utility, and has become a key opportunity to empower industries and enterprises.

Mr. Hu Guoping: With the "Hammer" of AI, We Can Empower Digital Transformation

Hu believes that there are even greater opportunities for AI in the digital transformation of enterprises and that there are also strong demands. Over the past five or ten years, AI technologies have experienced leaps forward in empowering digital transformation. Wielding such a “hammer” in hand, we can knock in all kinds of “nails”, he said.

Comparing empowering digital transformation with AI to “spotting nails with a hammer”, Hu said the key is to create scenario-based AI-empowered digital applications, tap into the hidden value of data and develop strong AI capabilities to enhance the efficiency of enterprises.

“There is great room for the application of AI in various fields such as finance, conference, production, marketing and customer service, which can help enterprises conduct a digital transformation, reduce costs and increase efficiency,” Hu said. Taking “AI + finance” as an example, AI can solve the problem of time-consuming manual review and enable intelligent filling, intelligent review, intelligent approval and automatic payment, cutting the time required from 15 to 5 minutes for employees. AI can also help in creating electronic forms and in the management of paper invoices, improving the efficiency of financial reviews by 52 percent.

Hu also pointed out that there are even greater opportunities for AI application in the production field. With AI, machines can replace humans in monitoring the production process, enabling automated production and increasing production efficiency. There even more opportunities for AI application in various production links like quality management and safety production monitoring.

In the meanwhile, AI can analyze malfunctions or conduct product quality inspections while also allowing warehouse keepers to use automatic voice transcription tools to improve work efficiency. In addition, AI-empowered machines can aid in digitalizing production based on data and algorithms. For example, they can conduct intelligent inspection, intelligent replenishment or intelligent optimization of production process parameters.

Hu summarized at the conclusion of his keynote speehc the methods of artificial intelligence empowering enterprises’ digital transformation. He believes that the key to achieving value is to meet any one of the following three conditions—to orient the digital transformation to repetitive mental work, to apply AI to 24/7 hour real-time online work, or to make use of machine sensor calculation or data.

“I recommend that enterprises decide the value of their digital transformation based on their own situation. That is how we can truly implement AI and how AI will become a normal standard core capability by 2025,” Hu said.

At the AI Expo 2021, iFLYTEK also presented its latest products and solutions in various fields including AI + ecology, AI + education, AI + city, AI + medical, AI + automobile, AI + industry, AI + life and smart robots. For example, iFLYTEK has developed an intelligent robot called iFlyGo for Go teaching and training. It has also applied its image recognition technology to the field of smart medical care and launched a diagnosis system for Parkinson’s Disease. As Artificial Intelligence empowers the digital transformation of enterprises, those who take advantage of the current wave of digital transformation and fully utilize the application of AI can only stand to gain from the enhanced efficiency and productivity that their enterprises will experience.

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