Liu Qingfeng: Show the World “Light of AI”

Liu Qingfeng: Show the World “Light of AI”

At the opening ceremony of Anhui Day, iFLYTEK Founder and Chairman Liu Qingfeng delivered a keynote speech titled “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future—Build a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind with AI”, where he discussed the possibility of AI in facilitating multilingual communication.

Liu Qingfeng: Show the World “Light of AI”

At the Expo 2020 Dubai, iFLYTEK presented its Global Chinese Learning Platform in the “Light of China” Pavilion, where Chinese expertise in AI technology provides translation services to meet the visitors’ varied needs.

“Mutual trust and win-win cooperation between human beings arise from mutual understanding and smooth communication,” Liu said, and added that, “These technologies mark a breakthrough in translation, which is of importance as we seek to build a community with a shared future for mankind.” As of now, iFLYTEK’s speech and translation technologies have covered the languages in more than 200 countries and regions across the world.

For example, the company’s dual-screen translator service in the China Pavilion supports the translation of 83 different languages in most countries and regions. The device also supports multiple functions such as offline translation, industry AI translation, and simultaneous subtitles translation, empowering professional and efficient multilingual communication anytime, anywhere.

“The iFLYTEK dual-screen translator has been adopted not only at Expo 2020 Dubai, but also at multiple other international events as an official translator,” according to Liu. In working to further build upon the system, iFLYTEK hopes to build a “tower of Babel” that will bridge the gap of multilingual communication and assist the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Additionally, to promote the understanding of Chinese across the world, iFLYTEK has developed the Global Chinese Learning Platform which makes use of artificial intelligence to customize learning plans for Chinese learners and provide them with real-time feedback and guidance. Now, more than 5 million users from 179 countries and regions have registered on the platform.

“We hope that through the Expo 2020 Dubai, iFLYTEK will promote the development of a community with a shared future for mankind with its technological innovations and by exploring the opportunities. And we hope more people will visit the China Pavilion and experience the ‘Light of China,’” Liu noted.

The Expo 2020 in Dubai, which was postponed to this year due to the pandemic, is the first world expo since the outbreak of the COVID-19 and is the first expo of its kind held in the Middle East. The expo attracted exhibitors from 192 countries and is expected to receive 25 million visitors from around the world. As such, achieving smooth multilingual communication at the world event is a challenge that needs capable translation services.

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