Lawyer Uses iFLYTEK Tablets for Efficient Work

Lawyer Uses iFLYTEK Tablets for Efficient Work

Wang Youyin, a Chinese lawyer with 15 years of experience, has used iFLYTEK AI Notebook tablets for the past two years for transcription and interview analysis. Wang recently upgraded from the model X1 to the new iFLYTEK AINote Air.

Lawyer Uses iFLYTEK Tablets for Efficient Work

After working at a larger firm in Beijing for three years, Wang opened his own practice. He quickly built a client base, but had trouble managing influx of clerical work and found that he spent far too much time taking notes, which later had to be organized and analyzed carefully.

“I would often talk for hours with my clients. In the past, we would have a recorder that would type down information from our meetings, but it was very slow. Additionally, some customers with less familiarity with the law would say irrelevant things that I wouldn’t need to record,” Wang said. After a meeting, Wang would have to sift through the notes to decipher what information was important to the case.

Following the recommendation of a friend, Wang bought the iFLYTEK AI Notebook X1 to record conversations with customers and have the records transcribed into text.

“I could even handwrite to mark key points. The pad became so essential to my work that I began to bring the tablet on all my business trips,” he shared.

Wang has since recorded more than 1,000 notes through his iFLYTEK tablets. The lawyer now uses the latest iFLYTEK AINote Air, which has made the process even easier. Despite the large volume of files, he can instantly retrieve the notes he wants through speech commands and keywords.

“Now, my colleagues and I always use the AI Notebook to export audio files, transcribe recordings, and handwrite key points. We then share the files within our group for each other’s reference anytime and anywhere,” he said.

Apart from working as a law practitioner, Wang is also a practice instructor for law students, a consultant for a law magazine, and a popular blogger on legal topics with over 370,000 followers on his platforms.

In one recent video, he used the iFLYTEK AINote Air to vividly teach about and analyze the topic of land expropriation and compensation.

Wang’s use of iFLYTEK advanced AI-empowered notebooks has allowed him to increase the efficiency of his work and better service his clients. iFLYTEK will continue to refine and enhance its AI notepads to better suit the various industries and lifestyles of its users.

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