iFLYTEK’s Smart PE Class Solution to Make Physical Education a Priority

iFLYTEK’s Smart PE Class Solution to Make Physical Education a Priority

Using the iFLYTEK Smart PE Class Solution, a fitness software that collects physical performance data, Chinese PE teachers have been enabling their students to become stronger and healthier through more effective physical education. Li Zhe, a teacher in the Xincheng Primary School in Wuhan, has used iFLYTEK’s tool to improve outcomes in her classes.

83% of the students at Li Zhe’s school are the children of migrant workers and lack access to quality programs and equipment. Despite the school’s limited resources, they have been able to grow physically and mentally thanks to Li Zhe’s instruction and embrace of innovation. Xincheng Primary School is now regarded as a model for physical education, and their athletic teams are top competitors.

iFLYTEK’s Smart PE Class Solution to Make Physical Education a Priority

This was not always the case, but Li has worked to enhance PE classes and make use of the iFLYTEK Smart PE Class Solution to integrate data analysis to better understand students’ physical fitness. Using the system, Li Zhe can analyze exercise intensity, intervals, heart rate, and grades to help her students improve by understanding their performance.

Li also regularly shares students’ training reports with their parents, helping them understand the importance of physical education and highlighting the students’ improvement. She can also share photos and videos shot during training activities. Li encourages her students to continue their exercise at home, and she shared that many students now intently study their PE data and eagerly train to improve their performance.

The iFLYTEK Smart PE Class Solution also allows Li’s students to train and stay healthy even outside of her classroom. When the school was suspended due to the pandemic, Li created videos with her colleagues as part of the local government-sponsored “Parent-child Sports Class”, encouraging students to keep their daily exercise during the school suspension. Despite the time away from school, her students maintained their former performance in the physical fitness test after the school suspension ended.

Li is proud of her students and the Xincheng teams that have been victorious in competition, but says it was not her goal to nurture professional athletes. By using the iFLYTEK Smart PE Class Solution, Li hopes her students will be better prepared to monitor their own physical progression and lead healthy and active lives.

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