iFLYTEK’s Education Speaker Receives SGS Certification

iFLYTEK’s Education Speaker Receives SGS Certification

December 9, iFLYTEK Senior Vice President Nie Xiaolin received the equal loudness and speech intelligibility certification of its Education Speaker XFES series from SGS, an internationally recognized testing, inspection, and certification company. At the award ceremony, iFLYTEK‘s Senior Vice President Nie Xiaolin received the certificate from Gu Xiaoyu, vice president of SGS China.

To give teachers and students a better experience, iFLYTEK developed the speaker for educational use, based on core technologies from the company’s Suzhou Institute.

Miao Lei, a product manager with iFLYTEK’s Education Business Group, presented four key features of the education speaker:

Equal Loudness: This feature surround-sound in classroom settings so that teachers can make themselves heard by every student at the same time. Equal distribution of sound ensures that all students, no matter their placements in the room, can hear their lessons.

Howling Noise Suppression: Howling noise suppression prevents interruptions to teaching and distractions to students, allowing teachers to freely move around the classroom without such concerns.

Low Latency: 36ms latency effectively eliminates echoes and distractions to teaching.

High Speech Intelligibility: In guaranteeing high-quality presentation, teachers can provide better lessons and stay motivated throughout their sessions.

The SGS expert team evaluated 7 indicators of the iFLYTEK speaker in terms of speech intelligibility and equal loudness and gained results far above the average level of the industry.

iFLYTEK’s Education Speaker Receives SGS Certification

At the award ceremony, Nie said: “This is a truly memorable moment for iFLYTEK on its way of education product development. iFLYTEK has explored the education field for 17 years with a great sense of responsibility. For the ‘double-reduction’ campaign, we should work even harder to bring education back to in-class teaching, improve teaching efficiency and enhance experience for both students and teachers. The iFLYTEK Education Speaker XFES series has won equal loudness and speech intelligibility certification from SGS. From the product, you can see iFLYTEK’s commitment to promoting high-quality classroom teaching and our always pursuit of exquisite products.”

“Artificial intelligence has been moving fast to promote structural reform of education and upgrade the education informatization campaign from 1.0 to a higher 2.0 level. A professional speaker is of particular importance to classroom teaching. As a global leader and innovator in inspection, certification, and testing, SGS has launched a certification program for professional speakers, and strives to assist companies in achieving sustainable development,” said Gu.

iFLYTEK has always aimed to promote education with artificial intelligence and help children realize their dreams through targeted teaching. The Education Speaker XFES series marks another step of the company towards bringing equitable quality education to more children and more classes.

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