iFLYTEK’s A.I. Medical Assistant Phone Robot uplifts local Doctor

iFLYTEK’s A.I. Medical Assistant Phone Robot uplifts local Doctor

Dr. Tang Lin, director of public health at Laozhou Health Center in Tongling City, recently shared the positive changes that the smart medical assistant phone robot has made to her daily work.

A.I. medical assistant phone robot

The Laozhou Health Center sees demand of more than 40 patients a day for physical examinations. Doctors are responsible for a variety of follow-up tasks including medical appointment notifications, report retrievals, and examination reviews for each patient. Dr. Tang shared that the administrative tasks were so burdensome, that she rarely had time for other work or to take breaks.

Now, Dr. Tang relies on the A.I. medical assistant phone robot on her computer to execute the set speech plan with just the click of a button. The system will automatically call patients for follow-ups, reducing an hours of work to 5 minutes. “The outbound call system reduced my follow-up workload and greatly improved my work efficiency,” said Tang.

iFLYTEK’s A.I. Medical Assistant Phone Robot uplifts local Doctor

Reduced administrative burden means more time using specialized working skills

Dr. Tang carefully evaluates and categorizes her patients in order to determine their personalized care. “Different groups of people need to receive different messages so as to prevent confusion and to facilitate the statistical workload,” Dr. Tang smiled and said, “it also facilitates the promotion of activities.” Each patient requires unique follow ups and messaging from their doctors. “People with high blood pressure need to control salt and prohibit smoking and alcohol, and people with diabetes should reduce staple foods and share limited meals. It varies from person to person. Therefore, I edit and modify the content of outbound calls based on the existing template according to the person, combined with the actual situation.”

In addition to health promotion for chronic diseases and attention to diet, Dr. Tang distributes medical advice and public health notices. “Outbound calls did do me a great favor.” During the summer harvest season, the Laozhou Health Center cooperated with the local government to promote environmental awareness by distributing information related to the recent straw-burning ban. During Tongling City’s hot summers, special drowning prevention texts were sent to parents to educate them on important water safety precautions.

A false-alarmed “Complaint turmoil”

Of all the stories Dr. Tang discussed, one medical examination from last year is still fresh in her mind.

The Municipal Health Commission received a complaint from a citizen, who claimed that his mother had a physical examination at the Laozhou Health Center some time ago where they found an abnormality within the physical examination report. The son claimed that the doctor did not instruct his mother to pursue follow up examinations, which he said could have improved his mother’s condition. However, the son was wrong, Dr. Tang had repeatedly communicated with the patient, but did not have a clear record to refer to for proof.

The hospital had not yet applied iFlytek’s outbound call system at that time, and there were no recordings of any telephone notifications or communication records to support Dr. Tang. Although Tang was eventually able to prove that follow up had been performed, the experience left her frustrated with the inefficient and inaccurate system of tracking patient information and communications.

With the application of the automated outbound call system, now Dr. Tang  uses phone calls and SMS notifications to remind patients of physical examination notices, medical promotions, and other important updates. “The outbound call system takes the initiative to help me leave traces. The task batches and recordings in the result analysis are not only a reflection of my daily workload, but also a protection for myself, so I don’t have to worry about similar incidents in the future”.

Simplicity and convenience were the two most frequent words that appeared in the sharing session. The A.I. smart outbound call system improves the efficiency of follow-up visits and reduces workload. “It helps me to coordinate my work and deliver the message to everyone without getting out of the office”, Dr. Tang said with a smile.

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