iFLYTEK Wins Top Innovative Marketing Impact (Integrated) Award at AD STARS 2021

iFLYTEK Wins Top Innovative Marketing Impact (Integrated) Award at AD STARS 2021

On August 27, iFLYTEK won the AD STARS 2021 Online Festival award for Top Innovative Marketing Impact (Integrated).

Established in 2008, AD STARS is the largest advertising festival in Asia and the third largest in the world. It is also the only advertising festival that allows participation of both professionals and amateurs.

AD STARS  global prominence and recognition is growing, and many outstanding companies around the world bring their works and exchange new insights during the event. AD STARS and the innovation it fosters has provided a crucial impetus for the development of the advertising, visual effects, and marketing industries.

The AD STARS 2021 Online Festival was themed “Shift,” in acknowledgement of the changes seen in marketing models during the post-COVID-19 era. In total, more than 300 advertising professionals gathered to evaluate all the entries. After the entries for the final competition were revealed on July 16, the winners were determined through two strict final evaluations and then announced at the online award ceremony on August 27.

iFLYTEK’s entry “A.I. Around” won the award for Top Innovative Marketing Impact (Integrated), which recognized its strong marketing strengths and achievements.
Top Innovative Marketing Impact

Top Innovative Marketing Impact

The previous winners of the award include Hyundai Motor (2018), Snowbeer (2019) and Coca-Cola (2020).

iFLYTEK creates new brand marketing practices as an IT company in diversified fields 

Since its rebranding in 2015, iFLYTEK has been diligently working to increase its brand equity and credibility through creative packaging, publicity, and high-value activities including participating in the Boao Forum for Asia and other marketing industry competitions and rankings. iFLYTEK has built its reputation of “empowering industries and everyone with artificial intelligence” and has sought to “create a better world with artificial intelligence.”

To amplify the iFLYTEK brand within a diverse market of industries and to empower its diversified business, iFLYTEK has created a set of new brand marketing practices through the “1+N” strategy (“1” refers to its core brand concepts; “N” refers to different discourses in different fields). Upholding the idea of “A.I. Around”, the strategy seeks to first present iFLYTEK’s brand concept and apply it to various fields with the goal of targeting customers in each field by taking advantage of hot topics and key marketing opportunities.

iFLYTEK’s award-winning entry “A.I. Around” at the AD STARS 2021 aims to improve the customer experience in multiple fields such as education, healthcare, office work, and conferences. Through scenario-based products and solutions, iFLYTEK has shown the public that “A.I. is around everyone, empowering our life, work, and learning.”

Relying on its leading technology, reliable product quality, and seamless user experience, iFLYTEK works to bring A.I. to each family and fulfill the brand mission of “creating a better world with artificial intelligence.”

iFLYTEK has won multiple awards for innovative marketing 

iFLYTEK has won multiple awards for innovative marketing

In recent years, iFLYTEK has applied an increasing array of new marketing and publicity methods, ranging from intelligent voice H5 advertising and A.I. virtual humans to innovative facial and speech recognition-based screen advertising.

With its advanced artificial intelligence technology and large data capacity, the company’s A.I. marketing cloud has emerged as a mainstream A.I. marketing platform in the industry. The A.I. marketing cloud has offered a matrix of smart marketing products for multiple scenarios, customizing marketing solutions for brands and largely improving marketing efficiency.

The iFLYTEK marketing productions such as the television commercial Empower Your Life with A.I., the cyberpunk posters, and its brand building initiative for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, have won multiple awards. These include three titles at the China Advertising Marketing Awards (CAMA) and three titles for Top Digital Awards at the 20th China Advertising and Brand Conference, 10 medals at the 2021 Tiger Roar Gold Award with its A.I. + Brand Innovation and Marketing Creation, and one gold award and one silver award at the 12th Golden Mouse International Digital Marketing Festival. These awards have enhanced iFLYTEK’s brand influence, customer recognition, and market credibility.

In the future, iFLYTEK will continue to seek technological innovation and breakthroughs as well as brand building and development, while establishing more platforms for new contents and experiences to give people more refreshing experiences all while continuing the push to “create a better world with artificial intelligence.”

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