iFLYTEK Started a New Journey to the Greater Targets

iFLYTEK Started a New Journey to the Greater Targets

“The two core engines of iFLYTEK’s 100 billion yuan target are our base business and systematic innovation.”

iFLYTEK’s Annual Ceremony was held online on February 8, 2021. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Duan Dawei, the Senior Vice President of iFLYTEK at the main venue in Hefei and 12 sub venues in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xinjiang, Qingdao, Hangzhou and Shanghai. In this ceremony, iFLYTEK reviewed its past year and looked forward to its future.

Duan Dawei, the Senior Vice President of iFLYTEK

Mr. Wu Xiaoru, the new CEO of iFLYTEK made the annual report of iFLYTEK. In 2020, we welcomed a new decade for artificial intelligence. iFLYTEK hopes to make strategic layout with a more open and ambitious mind. iFLYTEK conquered the past challenges fearlessly in 2020 and has been prepared to face the arising opportunities and challenges at the beginning year of the 14th Five Year Plan. Chairman Liu Qingfeng, the former CEO said afterwards “I saw the resilience and responsibility in Mr. Wu Xiaoru’s eyes while he was making the speech and I saw a dreamer chaser’s eager and passion to succeed in the future from the bottom of his heart.”

Mr. Wu Xiaoru, the new CEO of iFLYTEK

Now, we are standing at the starting point of the 14th Five Year Plan——

iFLYTEK already has had a clear goal and phased plans: in the era of A.I. 2.0, we will be reaching 1 billion users, achieving 100 billion yuan revenue, and driving the industrial ecology of 1 trillion yuan. Moreover, we will never stop aiming to be the greatest company while keep striving for being the leader of A.I. industry in China, and the outstanding company that can create a better world with A.I.

Base business and systematic innovation are the two core engines that will support iFLYTEK’s 100 billion yuan revenue target, and will also run through the company’s development regime in the next five years——

*Systematic innovation will build a new competitive barrier for iFLYTEK to face the new battles, and enable us to stand on a new stage to create the future;

*Base business: iFLYTEK will form an industrial ecology with an open mind, and adhere to the principle of sharing complementary capabilities and creating common profits based on our long-term business integrity for partners, so as to create an innovative industrial ecological chain and form a barrier for entry.

Chairman Liu Qingfeng

Is there a decision that makes you desperate?

Is there a dream that keeps you up all night?

Is there a breakthrough that makes a cocoon turn into a butterfly?

For 22 years, we’ve been looking for a bigger opportunity to actually build a better world with artificial intelligence. Our base business will empower us to fight major battles. The ability to innovate systematically will enable us to really start defining and changing the future.

iFLYTEK Started a New Journey to the Greater Targets

In the end, Chairman Liu said “I would like to express my faithful gratitude once again to all our colleagues and your families as well as to all the people and organizations who support us. I wish you all good health, progress in work, happiness and perseverance in the New Year!”

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