iFLYTEK Smart Medical Assistant

iFLYTEK Smart Medical Assistant Helps Doctors Improve Care Services

The AI-supported Smart Medical Assistant system developed by iFLYTEK has played an important role in helping rural doctors enhance their diagnosis and treatment services for villagers.

In a recent case, a Sheli Town, Da’an resident named Wang went to her local healthcare center due to her worsening symptoms of dizziness, headache, and nausea. The local doctor who received the patient suspected a cerebral infarction.

The “Assistant Diagnosis System”, quickly gave an AI-supported diagnosis that confirmed the doctor’s diagnosis and recommended a head CT scan. The timely diagnostic confirmation allowed the doctor to quickly refer the patient to a nearby hospital capable of performing the CT thanks to the diagnostic confirmation. The hospital confirmed the diagnosis and was able to provide immediate treatment. 

The “Assistant Diagnosis System” that helped treat Wang is part of the Smart Medical Assistant solution developed by iFLYTEK using its cutting-edge AI technologies. In 2021, the company started assisting community doctors in Da’an by providing accurate diagnostic services and connecting rural communities to high-quality care as part of a broader effort to foster equitable development in rural China.

The “Assistant Diagnosis System” can conduct AI-supported analysis and judgment on patients by analyzing the information provided by medical workers. Doctors can then make timely, accurate diagnoses that allow for efficient and effective treatment. The system also provides extensive medical resources for doctors to read and reference, allowing doctors to further enhance their professional skills and better serve patients.

Additionally, the “Robot Outbound Call System” developed by iFLYTEK has been installed in 28 township and community healthcare centers in Da’an. The call system has now handled large volumes of calls from patients seeking treatment to free up healthcare workers from the administrative burden of processing calls—a resource that has demonstrated immense value during the height of COVID-19.

The application of iFLTYEK’s Smart Medical Assistant and Robot Outbound Call System in Da’an are only two examples of the potential of AI for enhancing community healthcare services. In the future, iFLYTEK will continue working to expand the application of its AI health solutions in Da’an and other places to help serve more patients and ease the burden of medical practitioners.

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