iFLYTEK Responds to the Needs of Doctors.

iFLYTEK Responds to the Needs of Doctors

iFLYTEK has been collecting input from front-line doctors who use the iFLYTEK Smart Medical Assistant to better understand their needs and better serve them in their mission to improve public health.

In the latest live stream about the product’s use, doctors took an active part and asked various questions and gave helpful suggestions, such as:

“Please develop more script templates in the system for our easy reference and use;”

“When a patient changes his/her mobile phone number, address or some other information, the previous medical records cannot be found, and then we can’t access his/her historical information. Patients’ identities should be subject to their ID numbers;”

“Can you increase the daily limit of text messages we send through the system?”

“Can you add traditional Chinese medicine contents to the assisted diagnosis function?”

“Can you add chronic diseases follow-up visit templates?”

iFLYTEK Smart Medical Assistant

iFLYTEK Smart Medical Assistant

The iFLYTEK representative replied to each question and suggestion the doctors gave and made records for the developers to evaluate, analyze, and further improve upon the product.

iFLYTEK has applied medical cognitive intelligence, medical reasoning, and knowledge graph technologies to the development and design of its Smart Medical Assistant. iFLYTEK continuously provides local doctors with valuable services that will improve their medical capabilities, such as assisted diagnosis and treatment, medication advice, intelligent follow-up visits, chronic disease management, and epidemic prevention and control without changing their workflow and habits. As new medical practices and techniques emerge, iFLYTEK will diligently work to ensure its systems and products keep up with the fast-changing and ever-evolving environment of medicine and healthcare.

The Smart Medical Assistant analyzes medical records in real time and provides quality inspection reminders, helps doctors further improve and standardize medical records, and simultaneously gives diagnosis suggestions. Additionally, when the diagnosis results made by doctors are inconsistent with the system suggestions, it will evaluate the risks on its approval platform.

iFLYTEK hopes that more front-line doctors will join the co-developing activities for the Smart Medical Assistant and provide guidance on iterating, improving, and upgrading the product. In doing so, iFLYTEK hopes to further improve grassroots diagnosis and treatment services while making high-quality medical resources more equitable and accessible.

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