iFLYTEK Reports 2021 Operating Revenue Up 41% to ¥18.3 Billion

iFLYTEK Reports 2021 Operating Revenue Up 41% to ¥18.3 Billion

HEFEI – April 26, 2022 –iFLYTEK (iFlytek Co. Ltd, 002230.SZ), a global leader in artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology, announced that it achieved significant growth in 2021 in its annual financial reporting this month. iFLYTEK also released Q1 2022 results which continued to reflect growth. The company’s main business has been able to realize continued development and long-term profits, driving the overall sustainable rapid growth of the company.

-Operating revenue increased to ¥18.314 billion ($2.875 billion USD), an increase of 40.61% from 2020

-Net profit reached ¥1.556 billion, an increase of 14.13% from 2020

-Net profit excluding non-recurring gains and losses was ¥979 million, an increase of 27.54% from 2020

-In Q1 2022 operating revenue was ¥3.506 billion

-In Q1 2022, net profit excluding non-recurring gains and losses was ¥145 million

iFLYTEK Reports 2021 Operating Revenue Up 41% to ¥18.3 Billion

iFLYTEK is the only Chinese A-share company that has achieved an annual revenue growth rate over 25% for 10 consecutive years.

With an eye to the future, iFLYTEK actively increased its investments in research and personnel last year. In 2021, the company invested over ¥600 million in research and development efforts, increasing the company’s total investment to nearly ¥3 billion. iFLYTEK also recruited 3,000 researchers last year. With these investments in R&D and top talent, iFLYTEK is poised to continue leading the world in AI and voice recognition innovation.

In 2021, iFLYTEK won 11 awards for innovation in artificial intelligence technology and application at several international competitions, further demonstrating its competitive edge in education, consumer devices, medical care, automotive technology, smart city design, and other fields.

iFLYTEK is also supporting a continuously growing industrial innovation eco-system through the iFLYTEK Open Platform, which reached 2.93 million users and contributors in 2021, with 1.37 million applications developed on the platform to date.

About iFLYTEK – iFLYTEK is one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) and speech technology companies. For more information, please visit https://www.iflytek.com/en/.

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