iFLYTEK Releases New IFLYTEK Learning Pad

iFLYTEK Releases New IFLYTEK Learning Pad

iFLYTEK released its new flagship iFLYTEK Learning Pad T10 at a press conference in Beijing on July 15 of this year . At the “Opening a New Era of AI Learning” press conference, it was announced that the iFLYTEK Intelligent Learning Machine has been renamed to the iFLYTEK Learning Pad.

Liu Qingfeng, Chairman of iFLYTEK and Zhang Jidong, Vice President of the company, were also in attendance at the event and discussed efforts to ease academic burdens for students.

iFLYTEK releases a “4+1” standard of IFLYTEK Learning Pad, aiming to use AI to support well-rounded education

iFLYTEK releases a “4+1” standard of IFLYTEK Learning Pad, aiming to use AI to support well-rounded education 

“The essence of education is to liberate children’s creativity.” While times are changing, the essence of education remains unchanged. Currently, there is a great deal of focus on the heavy academic burdens placed on primary and middle school students whose personal and family expectations can prove daunting as they take on new challenges. It is by encouraging the comprehensive and balanced development of students that society as a whole can grow in its capabilities and continue advancing.

To this end, iFLYTEK actively responds to the education principle of “large-scale education and personalized learning.” According to Liu, since the launch of the first iFLYTEK learning machine over two years ago, the company has been continuously conducting in-depth studies about learning problems in contemporary families. The company’s workers have visited 16 cities, surveyed and interviewed more than 5,500 users, and collected more than 10,000 in-depth opinions. The research concluded that the typical expectation from parents and students on improving the value of education is to reduce the burdens on children and improve their academic performance, while also educating students for all-round development..

The newly released iFLYTEK Learning Pad T10 is the latest technological achievement of the company in the era of “easing academic burdens for students.”

Based on technological breakthroughs in areas like AI-supported diagnosis of learning problems and AI-supported personalized learning, the iFLYTEK Learning Pad adopts a “4+1” standard. This standard allows for the iFLYTEK Learning Pad to “analyze learning problems, make recommendations on learning, improve language competence, and enhance confidence with good results”, while providing educational and kid-friendly content and services. The device aims to utilize artificial intelligence to reduce burdens and increase efficiency for students, make more time and space for well-rounded education, and present easier ways of learning to parents.

iFLYTEK releases a “4+1” standard of IFLYTEK Learning Pad, aiming to use AI to support well-rounded education

Adopting scenario-based applications to promote large-scale personalized learning leads to technological breakthroughs.

In pioneering the fields of complex page analysis, formula recognition, and personalized learning technologies, iFLYTEK’s new product creatively combines AI with such functions as test paper correction and error books to achieve self-diagnosis and targeted learning. In this way, it can help students shift from adaptive to AI-assisted learning and provide them with new methods of personalized education.

Furthermore, iFLYTEK’s outstanding semantic understanding and reasoning technology enables the AI learning machine to tutor students in Chinese and English on multiple levels. As the originator of the world’s first international speech interaction standard in 2020, iFLYTEK has made it possible for students to have AI-supported one-on-one English lessons using tools such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, and intelligent interactive technologies. Also, because of iFLYTEK’s AI reading comprehension capacity, its machines overtook humans for the first time in the world’s top natural language understanding competition SQuAD2.0. It has made composition correction easy, reduced the teaching burdens for parents, and helped children master personalized learning methods. Through these breakthroughs in AI technology, iFLYTEK’s mission for large-scale personalized learning has become a reality.

After 17 years of research and development in the field of smart education, iFLYTEK has promoted AI-supported, scenario-based applications for personalized learning around the country. Already, these applications have been adopted by 38,000 schools in 31 provincial-level regions across the country, serving more than 100 million teachers and students in total.

Mr. Liu cited typical examples of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and highlighted the remarkable results that students achieved because of the approach. “In Bengbu City and the Xihaian New District of Qingdao City, we applied personalized learning across the area and achieved remarkable results in reducing the burden of teachers and students while increasing efficiency. According to the results of our large-scale survey, we found that students’ learning efficiency has improved. To achieve the same or even better academic performance, their learning time has been reduced, and their interest in learning has been significantly strengthened.”

IFLYTEK Learning Pad

Currently, the IFLYTEK Learning Pad provides smart tutoring in art, physical education, and a swathe of other courses. In the future, iFLYTEK will provide even more scenarios and services to expand its well-rounded educational services on the IFLYTEK Learning Pads, to reach the goals of “reducing burdens while increasing efficiency” and “teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.”

Newly-released iFLYTEK Learning Pad T10 opens a new era of AI learning

“One of the most prominent problems of compulsory education is that the burden on students is too heavy, and the problems of short-sighted and utilitarian practices have not been fundamentally solved.” In order to address these problems and avoid continuing this pattern, iFLYTEK released the new flagship product iFLYTEK Learning Pad T10, which boasts functions including AI-supported targeted learning, interactive learning, and family tutoring. It provides personalized targeted learning and makes learning easier with AI.

The AI-supported diagnosis for learning problems function can intelligently scan and correct students’ test papers and help them quickly identify patterns to help with their targeted learning and reviewing. The utilization of AI in the device has also enabled more personalized learning, which after identifying areas for potential improvement, will begin planning the best ways to improve for the individual. For example, to aid students while writing essays, the iFLYTEK Learning Pad can focus on enhancing students’ language competence through semantic understanding and reasoning technology. The device will customize targeted listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises through essay correction and one-on-one spoken language tutoring by foreign teachers. In the meantime, it adopts homologous technologies of those used for spoken language assessment and essay correction in senior high school entrance exams and the National College Entrance Exam, providing simulation exercises that give students real-life experience.

IFLYTEK Learning Pad

It’s worth mentioning that in order to solve parents’ concerns over children’s eyesight the IFLYTEK Learning Pad adopts a 13-inch eye-protecting low blue light screen with TUV certification, which can automatically adjust according to the ambient light color temperature.

Its anti-glare handwriting worksheet, combined with the AI pen, makes students feel just like writing on a sheet of paper while providing more comfort and protection for eyes than other smart pad products. Additionally, the AI-supported interactive learning methods improve the efficiency of learning for students to save time and energy, encouraging a healthy balance of time between learning and recreation.

iFLYTEK launches one billion yuan scholarship program to promote learning and growth of students

During the press conference, iFLYTEK vice President Zhang also launched a second one-billion-yuan scholarship program to motivate students, strengthen their learning interest, and help them develop independent learning capabilities. Purchasers of the iFLYTEK Learning Pad T10 or X2 Pro who stick to learning on the devices for 150 days in a row will receive a reward of 1,000 yuan.

As William Butler Yeats said, “Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire.” The Learning Pad combines the company’s systemic innovation in cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and 17 years of practical experience in education to help teachers teach in accordance with their students’ aptitude, improve classroom efficiency, help students learn efficiently, and reduce the burden of tutoring on parents. It will make more time and space for children’s full education and further personalize education on a massive scale. Let’s begin a new era of AI learning.

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