iFLYTEK Provides Multilingual Services for Barrier-free Communication

iFLYTEK Provides Multilingual Services for Barrier-free Communication

“The economic and technological power, the cultural and historical heritage, and more importantly, the humanistic atmosphere of a country, could assert itself in minutes…”

Duan Dawei, Senior Vice President and CFO of iFLYTEK recently shared with visiting French guests his feeling about the eight-minute promotional video about Paris. As soon as he read out the sentences posted on his social platform account, the iFLYTEK Translator produced a French version:

“La puissance économique et technologique,le patrimoine culturel et historique,et l’ambiance humaniste d’un pays, pourraient s’affirmer en certaines minutes… ”

The guests all responded with an understanding smile and loud applause.

Since early September, iFLYTEK has organized multiple activities with foreign friends in China, hoping to bring them more convenience through its services and better promote its products and technologies. Led by Duan, iFLYTEK representatives including Vice General Managers of International Cooperation Dong Fei and Zhai Kun and Regional Customer Service Managers Huang Jin, Wang Hongru, Yue Chen and Zhang Xinsheng conducted exchanges with diplomats from 19 countries and officials from international organizations. While using the technologies and products of iFLYTEK, the foreign friends experienced the language and translation services the company has developed in advance of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

iFLYTEK presents cutting-edge technologies to foreign friends from multiple countries

Recently, iFLYTEK provided its smart translators and multilingual transcription services for foreign ambassadors and counsellors from 13 countries including Russia, South Korea, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Slovakia, Bahamas, El Salvador and Sri Lanka, as well as the African Union (AU) representative office in China. They were all impressed by the smooth, efficient and precise communication experience enabled by the iFLYTEK products and services, saying that they would introduce them into their countries to help bridge the gap of communication and to promote amicable international exchanges.
iFLYTEK Provides Multilingual Services for Barrier-free Communication

At the Hungarian Embassy in China, the iFLYTEK representatives highlighted the history of the company and its latest products and solutions to the Deputy Head of Mission Olivér Joubert and Diplomat (economy and trade) Anikó Dobi-Rózsa. The two experienced iFLYTEK’s products, including the iFLYTEK Translator, and specifically suggested that the company could strengthen cooperation with Hungarian science and technology enterprises.
iFLYTEK Provides Multilingual Services for Barrier-free Communication

Interacting with the visiting iFLYTEK representatives, Minister-Counsellors Natthira Krasaesarn and Wantana Tatan of the Embassy of Thailand in China learned about iFLYTEK’s performance in their country and its cooperation with Thai companies. They welcomed the distribution of iFLYTEK products and the presence of the company’s Global Chinese Learning Platform in Thailand. In addition, the two counsellors expressed their expectation that iFLYTEK and Thai companies would jointly promote Thai-related research and development.
iFLYTEK Provides Multilingual Services for Barrier-free Communication

When the iFLYTEK employees visited the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), its Senior Director Kiran Patel expressed his willingness to promote cooperation between iFLYTEK and British companies, and to introduce iFLYTEK’s Beijing Winter Olympics-oriented intelligent speech and language services to more companies in his country.
iFLYTEK Provides Multilingual Services for Barrier-free Communication

Chen Dehai, Secretary-General of the ASEAN-China Centre, discussed with visiting iFLYTEK representatives on the promotion and distribution of iFLYTEK’s products and technologies in ASEAN countries. The Secretary-General also encouraged the company to make contributions to China-ASEAN cooperation.
iFLYTEK Provides Multilingual Services for Barrier-free Communication

iFLYTEK recently invited UAE Ambassador to China Ali Al Dhaheri along with Saleh  Alhemeiri, Director of Economic and Trade Division of the UAE Embassy in China, and Economic researcher Bashir Modanov at the embassy to visit its research center in Beijing. The guests witnessed and experienced iFLYTEK’s digital multilingual broadcasting, its real-time transcription service in different languages and other cutting-edge technologies and products in various fields. Ali Al Dhaheri expressed his hope that iFLYTEK would bring its products to join the Expo 2020 Dubai, which is scheduled from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 due to the COVID19 pandemic. This request has since been executed with iFLYTEK providing its linguistic services at the expos China Pavilion.

iFLYTEK Provides Multilingual Services for Barrier-free Communication

While visiting the iFLYTEK research center in Shanghai, Consul General Szilárd Bolla of the Consulate General of Hungary, Shanghai personally expressed his thanks to the company for the convenience brought by the product to his family. He also talked about the development of relevant industries in his country and put forward specific suggestions on iFLYTEK’s cooperation with Hungarian institutes and companies.
iFLYTEK Provides Multilingual Services for Barrier-free Communication

Thibaut Fabre, Commercial Investment Counselor of the French Embassy in China, along with Economic counsellor Antoine Moisson and Head of the Investment Division Adeline Dohin at the embassy also visited iFLYTEK’s research center in Beijing and learned about the company’s latest achievements in various fields such as intelligent speech recognition, transcription, translation and synthesis. During a meeting between the two sides, iFLYTEK’s Senior Vice President and CFO Duan Dawei said that as the Official Automated Translation Software Exclusive Supplier of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, iFLYTEK will provide multilingual machine transcription and translation services for the international events. The company also expressed its hopes that through constant technological innovations and by virtue of its practical experience, it will provide services and support for the next world sports event.
iFLYTEK Provides Multilingual Services for Barrier-free Communication

“Our cooperation with international partners must be two-way and mutually beneficial. We are willing to open up our market and help our partners expand into China. At the same time, we hope they can distribute our quality products and practices to more countries and regions to serve more people,” Duan said.

At the end of the French guests’ visit, Duan shared some of his feelings about the recent promotional video of Paris:

“La Marseillaise plays from space

Cyclists ride briskly on the rooftops in Paris

like The Horseman on the Roof

The economic and technological power

the cultural and historical heritage

and more importantly

the humanistic atmosphere of a country

could assert itself in minutes

The power of culture has yet to transmit the justice of the world

May the justice of the world dispel the mist of the pandemic

And that in three years

More people will gather in France…”

iFLYTEK works to bridge the gap of communication at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics 

Since becoming the Official Automated Translation Software Exclusive Supplier of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games on September 16, 2019, iFLYTEK has been earnestly conducting research and development of speech synthesis, speech recognition, speech transcription, machine translation and smart Q&A oriented to the international events. The iFLYTEK developers have been diligently working to upgrade the products and services to present more technological innovations at the Winter Olympics. These efforts paid off, as iFLYTEK successfully passed the mid-term inspection of the research and development project on May 14, 2021.
iFLYTEK Provides Multilingual Services for Barrier-free Communication

Based on its new-generation open innovation platform, iFLYTEK has developed intelligent speech and language technologies for multilingual services that suit large-scale sports events like the Winter Olympic Games. For example, iFLYTEK’s key speech processing technologies for the Beijing Winter Olympics can conduct speech recognition of 69 languages and speech synthesis of 60 languages to serve about 200 countries and regions around the world.

The recently-launched multilingual speech transcription service has been upgraded to cover French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and German on the basis of Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and other languages. The service can better aid journalists, clerks, educators, trainers and students with their multilingual communication and language learning. iFLYTEK has also made breakthroughs in the field of machine translation and currently supports automated translations in 168 languages. At the same time, the company’s multilingual information acquisition and interactive technology supports smart Q&A between human and machine in Chinese, English and Japanese.

iFLYTEK aims to achieve barrier-free communication at the Beijing Winter Olympics through its effective automatic speech transcription and translation technologies to spread voices and stories from China far and wide. Moreover, it is believed that soon, the technological developments driven by the Beijing Winter Olympics will be fully adopted in various areas including urban management, industrial development and people’s lives and help solve the real problems in life and production of human society.

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