iFLYTEK Promotes the Digitalization of Enterprises

iFLYTEK Promotes the Digitalization of Enterprises

iFLYTEK has worked to promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and industrial production, focusing on smart manufacturing and smart energy areas. The company has already assisted many enterprises across a wide variety of industries with their transition to digital and intelligent production.

For the intelligent manufacturing field, iFLYTEK has developed the Turing Industrial Cloud Platform—which can be applied to industrial scenarios such as predictive maintenance of equipment, product quality inspection, human-computer interaction, safe production, and process parameter optimization—to promote the digital transformation of manufacturing and upgrade industrial enterprises.

JIECANG, a listed company producing linear motors for family life, office work, industrial production, healthcare, and other fields, has adopted iFLYTEK intelligent services in production. After gaining an in-depth understanding of the quality inspection process, verifying the feasibility of artificial intelligence algorithm application, and designing the plan of automatic production line transformation, iFLYTEK developed an industrial voiceprint quality inspection system for the linear motor company.

The system developed for JIECANG automatically acquires the properties of motors in real time and then quickly judges the product’s quality in a standardized method, enabling unmanned automatic quality checks with the consistency rate at 90%, and an accuracy rate of 96%. More importantly, the new equipment has improved production efficiency by 15% and increased its income by 30%.

In the smart energy field, iFLYTEK has worked to provide products and solutions for various scenarios in key sub-areas including electricity, mining, gas, petroleum and petrochemicals, and water conservancy, to promote their upgrade to intelligent production.

Through iFLYTEK’s artificial intelligence technologies, energy enterprises have enhanced work efficiency and achieved efficient operation and maintenance of equipment. For facilities like the Three Gorges Hydropower Plant, the Gezhouba Hydropower Plant, and the transformer substations of the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, the iFLYTEK Acoustic Imager can efficiency and accurately detect problems such as partial discharge in equipment and gas leakage, cutting the cost of human resources by 60%. With the iFLYTEK Acoustic Imager, workers can identify problems within machinery in under 10 seconds, allowing for repairs to take place quicker and greatly aiding the workers at the facility.

In the field of mining, the stable operation of main shaft hoisting equipment is crucial to the safe operation of mines. In the Guqiao Coal Mine of Huainan Mining Group, iFLYTEK’s artificial intelligence technology is used to conduct 24/7 online intelligent monitoring of voiceprints of the winch and the head sheave—two main parts in the main shaft hoisting system—and to raise alerts when abnormal conditions are detected. Such an application is in line with iFLYTEK’s drive to cut human resource costs and increase efficiency in the mining industry.

For water works, the water pump units are essential to prevent interruptions to the supply of clean water to households. In the past, the monitoring of the equipment mainly relied on manual work, and problems were often detected at a late stage. To assist the Qingdao Xihaian New District Public Utilities Group Water Co., Ltd., iFLYTEK provided an intelligent monitoring system that can collect data in real time from the running equipment and then conduct modeling of the equipment properties by integrating AI algorithms. In this way, the monitoring system can precisely predict the status of the equipment and warn of risks before problems appear. So far, the system has successfully reported more than 95% of major malfunctions, cutting the unplanned downtime of key pumps by 45%, reducing the overall operation and maintenance costs by 30%, and increasing the production efficiency by 25%.

In the future, iFLYTEK will work further to promote the building of an industrial Internet platform, facilitate intelligent upgrade of infrastructure, and help more enterprises achieve digital transformation. From the successes seen in the digitalization of enterprises across a wide range of industries, the company will continue to work to meet the needs of companies by utilizing digital and AI solutions on an industrial scale.

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