iFLYTEK Presents its AI Solutions for Smart Cars at World Conference

iFLYTEK Presents its AI Solutions for Smart Cars at World Conference

During late September, iFLYTEK joined the 2021 “Attracting New Talents · Green Creates the Future” themed World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference (WICV). At the global conference, participants aim to pursue win-win cooperation for development and to highlight the innovative trends in the automobile industry. It was at this event that Wu Xiaoru, the executive president of iFLYTEK presented the companies own AI solutions for smart car development.

iFLYTEK Presents its AI Solutions for Smart Cars at World Conference

iFLYTEK entered the conference after winning the international CHiME (Computational Hearing in Multisource Environments) Challenge in 2020, in part by maintaining a leading position in the field of 3D target detection and handwriting recognition technologies. iFLYTEK’s speech recognition, speech understanding and image recognition technologies are constantly contributing to the improvement of intelligent car services and furthering the potential of the automobile industry.

iFLYTEK is working to improve the interactions with machines to be as natural as possible, while also aiming to achieve diversified intelligent interaction forms through speech, vision and gestures. Simultaneously, the company is seeking to further its intelligent services by providing all-round services to give efficient and accurate driving while continuously strengthening a whole-process user care system.

Due to the extended production chain, the automobile industry requires the constant support of sophisticated technologies. The automobile industry should be open to cooperation in order to promote innovations in non-traditional fields such as artificial intelligence, the internet, communications and algorithm development, while also promoting the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, Wu noted.

Human-machine interaction is a core link in car intelligence in which iFLYTEK has been engaged with for over 18 years. More than 31 million cars of over 1,000 different models with the company’s intelligent products have been delivered, while the annual number of cars equipped with its products exceeds 6 million. Additionally, iFLYTEK’s intelligent products can conduct speech synthesis and recognition for over 60 different languages, making it possible for the company to provide multilingual solutions at home and abroad.

The 2021 WICV attracted famous car manufacturers including FAW, Dongfeng, Changan, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Ford, as well as technology companies such as Huawei, Alibaba and 360 Technology. As the automobile industry keeps developing and growing, iFLYTEK will continue its work to transform a car into the mobile living space of the future by harnessing the potential of AI technology.

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