iFLYTEK Partners with Hancom Group to Donate Supplies to Combat Coronavirus

HEFEI – February 7, 2020 – Asia’s leading artificial intelligence (A.I.) and speech technology company, iFLYTEK, partnered with Hancom Group, a South Korean technology company, to donate additional medical supplies to help combat the spread of coronavirus. The Hancom Group responded to iFLYTEK’s call to action by donating 20,000 protective masks to help fight the epidemic. 

As anxiety over coronavirus increases around the world, so does the shortage of medical supplies. iFLYTEK responded by donating 10 million yuan (approximately $1.44 million) of A.I. technology and equipment and is asking other companies in the region to donate supplies to aid its efforts as well. The A.I. company has deployed its intelligent medical assistants to 66 districts and counties to help physicians screen high-risk patients in addition to donating over 12,000 protective masks, 3,000 protective suits, and 13,000 pairs of goggles. iFLYTEK has also provided its smart online classroom to primary and secondary schools in Hubei province at no cost and has dedicated 39 full-time personnel to the prevention and control of coronavirus in Anhui and the whole country.

Hancom Group was eager to help and quickly sprang into action, providing the large number of masks within just a few days’ time. “iFLYTEK applauds Hancom Group for its effort to help prevent the spread of the virus,” said iFLYTEK Chief Financial Officer Mr. Dawei Duan. “It is more difficult for an organization to donate protective masks than it is to donate funds due to shortages.”

iFLYTEK has partnered with Hancom Group in the past, leveraging its A.I. capabilities to help the South Korean company with research and development of new products. The two companies have established a joint venture together, Accufly.AI, which brings both companies’ cutting-edge technology together to create an A.I. ecosystem.

 “iFLYTEK continues to communicate with its international partner companies to secure resources, technology and equipment to help fight this epidemic. We believe that the joint efforts from all sectors of society will help overcome the coronavirus,” Mr. Duan commented.

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