Sun Dongping in the 1024 Developer Festival Jinhua Station

iFLYTEK Partners with China Jinmao to Host Developers’ Day and Technology Summit in Jinhua

iFLYTEK joined China Jinmao Ltd. to host the recent 2022 iFLYTEK Global 1024 Developers’ Day Jinhua City Summit and China (Jinhua) Digital Technology Summit to support the city’s efforts to invigorate its planned metropolitan area development and digital reforms. The move marked an effort toward integrating inland cities like Jinhua into the G60 S&T Innovation Valley of Yangtze River by transforming them into emerging innovation hubs.

With the theme of “Digitization for a New Future”, the summit focused on new opportunities brought by Jinhua’s digital technology and industrial upgrading. Through a series of activities including government-enterprise dialogues, technology showcases, industry observations, and roundtable forums, the summit promoted the integration of AI and regional economic growth. Senior iFLYTEK and China Jinmao leaders were present at the event along with local officials and other industry leaders.

Sun Dongping in the 1024 Developer Festival Jinhua Station
[Sun Dongping, Vice President of iFLYTEK]

iFLYTEK Vice President Sun Dongping stated that the company would continue to build Jinhua’s industry ecosystem to meet the needs of its urban development. iFLYTEK will also work with China Jinmao and the local government to identify opportunities to implement next-generation AI technology. Digital scenarios, such as future community, urban operation, and enterprise empowerment will be used in exploring more possibilities for the future development of AI in Jinhua.

AI plays an irreplaceable role in the development of the digital economy. Since the beginning of its operations in the Zhejiang province, iFLYTEK has deepened its cooperation with Jinhua in digital reform to make major advancements in education, healthcare, administrative services, and various other fields.

Yin Baocai in the 1024 Developer Festival Jinhua Station
[Yin Baocai, Vice President of AI Research Institute of iFLYTEK]

Also attending the event, iFLYTEK Vice President of AI Research Yin Baocai presented a report on the Development Trend of AI and Research Progress of iFLYTEK. The report highlighted the substantial progress iFLYTEK has made in fields such as speech recognition, multimodal interaction, and pre-training, which showed the technological innovation in AI from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence.

The progress has been outstanding. iFLYTEK’s performance in typical language processing tasks has improved by over 50% on average. iFLYTEK also launched its “iFLYTEK Super Brain 2030 Plan” this year, which aims to incorporate digital and robotic assistants into every household.

In the future, iFLYTEK will contribute to the high-quality development of Jinhua on multiple fronts such as enterprise digitalization, industrial internet, smart healthcare, smart education, and smart cities. We are committed to reaching new heights through cooperation with companies like China Jinmao to serve more cities and residents.

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