iFLYTEK participates in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference Summit (Korea)

iFLYTEK participates in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference Summit (Korea)

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference Summit Online kicked off on July 10, 2020, with the Shanghai studio as the main stage. The outlook of A.I. conference was conducted virtually from venues in Germany, Korea, Singapore and other locations.

At the Korean venue, Eui Seung Kim, Deputy Mayor of Seoul, Ms. Zhang Ying, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, and other guests from the Chinese government, the Korean government, academic institutions and leading A.I. companies participated in the summit online. They conducted in-depth discussions focusing on A.I. policy and advanced technology, A.I. industry development and application empowerment, how A.I. empowers high quality economic development in China and Korea, and the experience of current A.I. technology. The guest speakers also focused on frontier fields and excellent industrial applications of A.I. development in China and Korea, promoted technical exchanges and interactions between China and Korea, and explored collaborative A.I. China-Korea opportunities to empower additional high-quality economic development of the two countries. In his remarks, Mr. Zhang Wuxu, Deputy Vice President of the International Cooperation Department of iFLYTEK, elaborated on the latest advances in iFLYTEK’s A.I. technology as well as the launch of applications at scale in each industry.

iFLYTEK participates in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference Summit (Korea)

Mr. Zhang Wuxu was also a guest at the summit’s live broadcasts. He discussed the significance of global cooperation in the era of A.I., and shared iFLYTEK’s attempts at and exploration of in the international application of A.I.

iFLYTEK participates in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference Summit (Korea)

Applying A.I. Technology to Solve Essential Demands

Since its founding in 1999, iFLYTEK has been engaged in the research of core technologies, such as speech and natural language understanding, machine learning inference, independent learning, and has maintained its advanced international technological standing. iFLYTEK actively promotes the research and development of A.I. products and industrial applications, and is committed to making machines not only hear and speak but also understand and think, in order to create a better world with A.I.

In education, iFLYTEK believes that A.I. empowers students and helps them achieve their dreams through competence-based teaching. iFLYTEK actively promotes innovation in education as a teaching model. In regard to public health, iFLYTEK insists on promoting the development of smart healthcare. During the COVID-19 pandemic, smart medical assistant robots conducted pandemic prevention education and follow-up visits for key populations, assisting a total of 58.09 million people. In the consumer sector, iFLYTEK has profoundly explored the needs of customers and launched products, such as iFLYREC Smart Conference System, to make life easier.

At this year’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference Korea Venue, many of iFLYTEK’s A.I. technology products were on display, including iFLYTEK’s global translator, Jarvisen. Jarvisen supports translation among 60 languages and can translate between Chinese and English within 0.5 seconds. Moreover, the A1 Recorder, which was launched in June this year, supports 10 languages and 12 dialects, with various functions such as simultaneous interpretation, free language changes, mixed Chinese-English transcription, one-click sharing, and has been widely praised by consumers and the industry.

Translator Global Version "Jarvisen"
Translator Global Version “Jarvisen”


Mr. Zhang Wuxu highlighted four iFLYTEK products: the global iFLYTEK translator Jarvisen, A1 Recorder, A.I. Notebook, iFLYTEK Smart Mouse and iFLYREC Cloud Conference Platform. Mr. Zhang Wuxu discussed each product’s relevant applications in the smart education sector. In addition, he underlined products which helped control and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, Mr. Zhang Wuxu explained how iFLYTEK’s image-assisted Diagnostic Platform, A.I. Outbound Calling System, and Global Chinese Learning Platform all played a unique role in responding to immediate health needs and improving services.

iFLYTEK Continues to Prioritize Intelligent Connectivity and Indivisible Community

Currently, A.I. is entering a period of continual advancement. The improvement and maturity of A.I. applications depend not only on the advancement of relevant technologies, but also on the openness of technologies and international cooperation. During the live broadcast, Mr. Zhang Wuxu said that at the current rate of A.I. technological development, A.I. will touch every aspect of our daily lives in the near future. Because A.I. applications are complex, no single company can accomplish all applications on its own. Therefore, cooperation among leading enterprises from various countries will promote the development of A.I. and related technologies.

In Korea, iFLYTEK launched a Korean version of its translator in partnership with Hancom Group, an IT company, to promote A.I. Outbound Calling System applications in tourism, finance, and operations, among other areas. The two companies established a joint venture subsidiary, Accufly.AI, which combines the technologies and capabilities of both firms in consulting, welfare, and education to provide high-quality services. In Japan, iFLYTEK set up a subsidiary company to develop an English-speaking assessment product. The A.I. education product now exceeds 10 million evaluation calls per month. In other countries, the global iFLYTEK translator Jarvisen is available to support translation among 60 languages and provides language assistance for many global immigrant communities. In scenarios such as nursing homes and healthcare institutions where elders may speak a different language than others, the Jarvisen helps all parties communicate. 

During the pandemic, iFLYTEK explored the possible applications of A.I. in preventing the spread of the pandemic and helped fight against it internationally. In Russian airports, iFLYTEK translators removed the language communication barrier for airport employees. In Korea, iFLYTEK licensed its A.I. Outbound Calling solutions and technology to the Hancom Group and helped the Korean authorities quickly and accurately revisit the suspected cases as well as the quarantined population. The A.I. Outbound Calling System has been implemented by Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare and five other locations, including Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Jeonju, and Daegu.

Launch Ceremony for A.I. Outbound Calling System
Launch Ceremony for A.I. Outbound Calling System

Mr. Zhang Wuxu pointed out that in the field of A.I., enterprises cooperate in a variety of ways. With advanced technologies and solutions, iFLYTEK is willing to complement international companies’ advantages with scientific and technological capabilities through the integration of solutions and technology and grow together to create a better world with A.I.

Developing Opportunities in Crisis, A.I. Demonstrates Future Prospects

The promotion of A.I. applications has not only provided new ways to fight the pandemic, improve efficiency and reduce costs, but has also become an important driving force of a technological revolution and industrial change, which has had an extremely profound influence on the world economy, social progress, and human life.

Regarding the developmental direction and trend of A.I. technology, Mr. Zhang Wuxu believes that the future “Golden Decade” of A.I. development and cognitive intelligence technology will continue to make breakthroughs, launching additional industrial applications. At the same time, the demand for emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly urgent, pushing everything to be interactive and communicative. As we continue to advance, the world will enter the era of human-computer coexistence.

Accelerating the development of the A.I. industry has become a general consensus around the world. Both China and Korea have witnessed a period of rapid development in the A.I. industry. In 2018, iFLYTEK signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Korea’s Hancom Group to work together in various aspects, such as technological expansion and product application. In 2019, iFLYTEK and the Hancom Group worked together to build the China-Korea A.I. business ecosystem, in which iFLYTEK uses its A.I. technology and supply chain advantages of smart hardware to empower Hancom Group’s new product development. In the same year, the two companies established a joint venture subsidiary, Accufly.AI, to boost the development and application of the A.I. industry in Korea.

In the era of “A.I.+,” the whole world is thinking about how to seize the opportunity and continue developing A.I. During the downward pressure on the world economy, it is increasingly necessary for technology and A.I. enterprises in China and Korea to strengthen their communication and cooperation and seize the opportunity of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference to focus on “Intelligent Connectivity, Indivisible Community” and human needs. Looking forward, we should insist on developing both software and hardware and continuously promote the technology’s application with the mission of creating a better world with A.I.

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