iFLYTEK Launches Web Version of Intelligent Proofreading System iFlyins

iFLYTEK Launches Web Version of Intelligent Proofreading System iFlyins

In early April, iFLYTEK’s Hebei Branch launched iFlyins, a new web version of its Intelligent Proofreading System in early April to optimize the system’s overall performance and launch new functions, including document history and a “personal center.”

The Intelligent Proofreading System, initially released in September 2021, proofreads documents and provides users with modification suggestions for syntax, grammar, formatting for numbers and units, and document formatting. The system alleviates work burden for teams and provides systemic, accurate, and standardized proofreading to eliminate errors made in manual proofreading.

iFLYTEK Launches Web Version of Intelligent Proofreading System iFlyins

Proofreading Enhancement

The recently launched Intelligent Proofreading System V4.0 added an English proofreading function based on the original version designed for Chinese spelling, grammar, punctuation, and numbers. The system enhanced the program to perform ongoing automatic proofreading, and automatically saves work at a rate of 1,000 words per second to prevent accidental data loss.

Screen Reader Improvements

To optimize the proofreading process, the Intelligent Proofreading System V4.0 utilizes “hover reader” and “full-text reader” functions. Through the reading-proofreading function, the sentences being read are highlighted in text for users to follow along easily.

Document History and Personal Center Functions

The document history function allows users to save proofread data so that they can review the version history and changes later. In the Personal Center, users can view account information and document statistics through direct access to the official website.

In addition to the optimization and functions mentioned above, the Intelligent Proofreading System V4.0 also has a more concise and user-friendly design that supports interactive operation. The system will continue to be upgraded to provide users with a more accurate and convenient experience.

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