iFLYTEK Launches Stress-Relief Appletfor Teens

iFLYTEK Launches Stress-Relief Appletfor Teens

iFLYTEK recently launched a WeChat applet to relieve stress for teenagers in cooperation with prominent higher-education institutions including Beijing Normal University and East China Normal University.

The WeChat applet, Jianya Xingqiu, or “Stress-Relief Planet”, is designed to help teenagers manage common mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, and a lack of motivation. The applet has specific tools designed to help students experiencing exam anxiety or uncertainty about their career decisions. The program is based on successful practices and methods based on the work of school psychologists and counselors. The applet includes an AI companion, Xiaoxing, specifically designed to support distressed middle and high school students.

iFLYTEK Stress-Relief Appletfor

The applet helps students manage school-related pressure, identify mental health practices to implement, and to prevent more severe psychological problems through a series of specially designed games and tasks. The applet provides a resource for students who might not feel comfortable going to a school psychologist or who might need additional support.

The Stress-Relief Planet App also provides content for users to browse including cartoons depicting popular mental health science topics, almost 30 distinct mental health evaluations, and self-care and behavioral suggestions known to help relieve common symptoms. The applet can also conduct comprehensive evaluations of a user’s mood, learning, career goals, adjustments, interpersonal relations, and self-awareness.

The patented applet is available for students’ use in school and at home.

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