ASEAN Summit

iFLYTEK Launches Speech Translation Technology Platform for Southeast Asian Languages at ASEAN Summit

iFLYTEK launched a speech translation platform to overcome language barriers between participants from Southeast Asia at the 3rd China (Guangxi) – ASEAN AI Summit on September 23.

The platform was built with iFLYTEK’s core AI technologies, including speech synthesis, speech recognition, machine translation, and machine reading comprehension, and is the result of close collaboration between iFLYTEK and multiple universities and partner companies in Guangxi.

On the platform, companies and AI developers can use the provided AI technologies to research and develop products in the fields of trade, finance, customer services, logistics, and inspection; enabling the smooth flow of information from technology providers to developers.

Additionally, individual users can utilize the iFLYTEK speech translation technology for ASEAN languages on the mobile app “Zhiguitong”, where online administrative and public services can be accessed by the residents in Guangxi. Instant speech translation is available between Chinese Mandarin and English, Thai, Tamil, Lao, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, and Burmese. iFLYTEK hopes that the speech translation platform will promote broader, deeper, higher-level, and more comprehensive cooperation between China and ASEAN countries.

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