iFLYTEK Launches Partnership with TechNode Global to Foster Global AI Technology Adoption

iFLYTEK Launches Partnership with TechNode Global to Foster Global AI Technology Adoption

HEFEI, China – June 8, 2020 – iFLYTEK, Asia’s artificial intelligence (AI) and speech technology company, and TechNode Global, the international arm of TechNode, announced a partnership to boost the community of thriving startups and AI technology applications across Asia.

Tapping into TechNode Global’s vast network in the tech and innovation ecosystem across the Asia-Pacific region and China, the partnership provides various localized resources of AI technology by leveraging iFLYTEK’s open platform for the Asia market. The goal is to foster AI adoption among companies and help them draw on external resources outside of their own regional network.

iFLYTEK Launches Partnership with TechNode Global to Foster Global AI Technology Adoption

With expertise and flagship events such as Tech Insights webinars and ORIGIN conferences in the region, TechNode Global will initiate a new AI-focused series of webinars and events in 2020 and will jointly host a Global AI Challenge with iFLYTEK in the Asia region. Meanwhile, the iFLYTEK Open Platform will provide numerous resources to the region and development-operations communities, helping companies adopt AI into the daily operation of their businesses.

“There is great synergy between iFLYTEK Open Platform and TechNode Global,” said Qi Shuxuan, general manager of iFLYTEK Open Platform. “We hope to strengthen this technology 

and innovation partnership with TechNode through the real-world application of our AI-powered technologies in this international strategy. The goal is to achieve cross-border integration of AI applications in various fields, generating positive energy and impact. We believe with the combined data, algorithms, expertise, and mutual support from both iFLYTEK and TechNode, we can empower our customers.”

With a vast network in global innovation and entrepreneurship, TechNode Global is a spin-off of TechNode, aiming to be the number one pan-Asia tech-focused platform with a focus on cross-border business, events, and tailor-made marketing solutions for startups, VCs, corporations, and other industry pioneers. Operating at the center of a unique worldwide tech ecosystem of startups, venture capital firms, industry resources, and corporate partners, TechNode Global supports and connects China’s startup ecosystem with the rest of the world and facilitates interaction and cross-pollination between China and APAC.

“TechNode Global will continue to play an important role in supporting the tech startup ecosystem in Asia. The global expansion of China’s innovation is beneficial to the overseas innovation environment and TechNode Global platform is committed to facilitating the connection between China and the rest of the world, including Southeast Asia,” said Dr. Gang Lu, founder and CEO of TechNode.

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