iFLYTEK AINOTE Air for Workplace Efficiency

iFLYTEK Launches iFLYTEK AINOTE Air for Workplace Efficiency

iFLYTEK recently launched its new iFLYTEK AINOTE Air tablet to increase workplace efficiency. iFLYTEK cofounder and Vice President and President of iFLYTEK Academy Hu Guoping and Vice President of the iFLYTEK Consumer Business Group Zhong Kun attended the product’s announcement.

Hu Guoping delivered a keynote speech highlighting iFLYTEK’s efforts to enable precise recording in three distinct areas:

  • Cutting Edge Accuracy: The AINOTE Air boasts 98% speech recognition accuracy up to 400 words per minute for a single speaker, 95% when tracking multiple speakers, and 96% for recognition of mixed Chinese and English speech.
  • State-of-the-Art Speech Recognition: The AINOTE Air supports 23 Chinese dialects and 60 languages using real-time language editing and modification, machine translation, and speech synthesis.
  • Workplace Applications: The AINOTE Air includes iFLYTEK’s best automatic meeting minutes generation tool and recordings management technology.

The AINOTE Air is iFLYTEK’s most advanced tablet yet. Hu’s speech celebrated iFLYTEK’s ability to develop critical technologies applicable in consumer products.


iFLYTEK AINOTE Air for Workplace Efficiency

Other AINOTE Features:

  • Advanced microphone array and radar map working to provide a transcription service that is more accurate than any prior
  • 16 industry-specific thesauruses for on- and off-line use by workers
  • 7.8-inch E Ink screen with 300ppi high-definition display and fingerprint unlocking
  • Real time speech transcription at 98% accuracy and simultaneous translation from 12 dialects and 6 languages
  • Background noise reduction for accurate speech recognition
  • Smart notes function with voice search capability and point-in-time playback features
  • Light 5mm thick and 230g frame made of a light magnesium-aluminum alloy
  • Ability to scan printed documents for sharing and markup

Additionally, the iFLYTEK AINOTE Air uses Wacom’s 23ms ultra-low latency rate electromagnetic pen that simulates the experience of writing on paper. Notes can then be instantly converted into editable text through iFLYTEK’s OCR technology.

The AINOTE Air allows for real-time data transfer among devices including data transfers through WeChat. The installed WPS Office software can support editing and filing, multiple inboxes, and handwritten emails.

AINOTE Air users will also have access to online reading materials from iFLYTEK and the leading Chinese book-seller Dangdang.com. Third-party Apps are compatible with the product. Additionally, users can listen to books through iFLYTEK’s speech synthesis technologies from customized voices.

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