iFLYTEK Intelligent Tutoring System Debuted at the First Global Digital Trade Expo.

iFLYTEK Intelligent Tutoring System Debuted at the First Global Digital Trade Expo

iFLYTEK deputed the Intelligent Tutoring System at the First Global Digital Trade Expo hosted by the government of Zhejiang Province and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce earlier this December. The system features an intelligent grading system, targeted teaching assistance, intelligent homework review, innovative AI education modules, and other self-learning products and services.

The iFLYTEK Intelligent Tutoring System is built using core iFLYTEK technologies such as intelligent image and text recognition and cognitive intelligence. The system can comprehend and grade both objective and subjective questions, reducing the burden on teachers and increasing efficiency. The system also can follow-up on students’ progress, make analysis accordingly, and provide data analytics for targeted teaching, personalized learning, and comprehensive evaluation. The product has also been widely used in entrance examinations for high schools and colleges across the country.

Based on the collection and analysis of students’ progress, the intelligent tutoring system provides data support for teachers in efficient and targeted classroom environments. The system can conduct accurate analysis of students’ weaknesses and generate personalized learning in accordance with each student’s progress, providing personalized help in error correction and knowledge consolidation to boost learning efficiency.

Real-time information collection, analysis, and feedback based on homework review help teachers conduct tailored tutoring and achieve better results in their classrooms. It also doubles students’ results while cutting work in half, easing their burden and helping school districts align with double reduction policies.

The innovative application of big data and AI technology also makes a difference in PE. To enhance the role of PE in student development, the iFLYTEK Smart PE solution, which is integrated into the Smart Tutoring System, contains three products: the AI teaching assistant, AI evaluation system, and smart wearable device. It allows the integration of teaching, learning, competition, practice, testing, examination, evaluation, and management, and advances the digital transformation of PE class in school.

By utilizing iFLYTEK’s core AI and data analytics technologies, the iFLYTEK intelligent tutoring system provides holistic support for educators.

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