iFLYTEK Helps Chinese City Create Smart Water Management System

iFLYTEK Helps Chinese City Create Smart Water Management System

Southwest China’s Guiyang City created a new way to address water pollution in rivers and lakes by using smart technologies to conduct real-time monitoring and instant response activation.

The technology identifies trash and other debris in the water and subsequently notifies the appropriate waste management team. For example, a red light flashed on the Smart Water Affairs Platform digital screen to report a piece of foam floating on the local Nanming River. The monitoring staff then immediately contacted the workers by the river to clear the garbage. Within 20 minutes, the foam was removed.

The improving water quality of the Nanming River is one of the fruits of the Smart Water Affairs program launched by Guiyang in cooperation with iFLYTEK in January 2022. Within the framework of the program, iFLYTEK studied the data, work issues and workflows related to water affairs in Guiyang to create a “smart brain” for water safety, water resources management, aquatic ecology and water affairs administration.

Guiyang aims to build a “1+2+N” Smart Water Affairs Platform system, which will consist of a big data platform, a water affairs portal, a real-time monitoring system and multiple dedicated applications. Such collection of data and coordinated management is expected to promote scientific decision-making in water management.

iFLYTEK Helps Chinese City Create Smart Water Management System

Guiyang’s Smart Water Affairs big data platform will gather, process, and transfer data concerning water safety, water resource management, aquatic ecology, and water affairs administration based on five sub-platforms, two data banks, and nine interconnected systems already in existence or under construction.

With the platform, data from organizations at various levels such as the Water Resources Department, the Meteorological Bureau, and the Bureau of Ecology and Environment will be collected to achieve more coordinated and scientific administration.

The water affairs portal and the real-time monitoring system attend to the long-standing problem of separated procedures for different water affairs, with an aim to provide one-stop services that will enhance the efficiency of management. Water affairs staff are able to use their computers or cell phones anywhere and at any time to log on to the two platforms to visit the sub-systems and work more efficiently and effectively.

With the water affairs portal and the real-time monitoring system, information on water quality, water level, precipitation and water conservancy facilities can be accessed with alerts being issued in a timely manner.

Additionally, multiple dedicated systems will be integrated with the Smart Water Affairs Platform, by virtue of iFLYTEK’s artificial intelligence technology. As of now, there are seven of these dedicated systems that have been built and operationalized, including the lake and water reservoir management platform, the smart flood control decision system, and the water conservation network.

Meanwhile, with iFLYTEK’s smart speech technologies, Guiyang built a voice-controlled water affairs management system to empower fast identification and response to any problem.

In the future, Guiyang will work further with iFLYTEK to realize the full life-cycle management of smart equipment, enhance forecasts and alerts, prepare for natural disasters, and conduct more scientific management of water affairs.

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