iFLYTEK Donates Smart Teaching Devices to Yunnan Province Schools

iFLYTEK recently donated a package of smart teaching devices, including the “Smart Window” education system, to a school in southwest China’s Yunnan Province.

Yunnan is an ethnically diverse province where 38% of the population are members of ethnic minorities. Yunnan’s illiteracy rate remains one of the highest in China due to historic underinvestment in education, which iFLYTEK hopes to help reverse with this strategic partnership. By making smart education solutions available, ongoing education efforts can be improved and educators can better understand where learning gaps exist to be addressed.

iFLYTEK’s most recent donation went to the No. 3 Middle School of Dali City, formerly known as the Fengming Academy, where it is expected to complement the school’s 600-year-old education traditions with cutting-edge technology.

Digital library donated by iFLYTEK
[Digital library donated by iFLYTEK]

At the donation ceremony, Hong Wei, director of the Dali Education Bureau, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for iFLYTEK’s contributions to the region, saying that Dali is well-positioned to benefit from smart education technology. He further expressed his hope that cooperation with the company would extend to a deep partnership and the construction of smart school systems.

A teacher at the school demonstrated the “Smart Window” education system during the event by providing a lecture on the evolution of Chinese characters. Other teachers at the school later joined a training session for how to use the smart system.

Wang Jianwei, general manager of iFLYTEK South and Southeast Asia Information Technology (Yunnan) Co., Ltd., said that the package was the third donation of its kind to a Yunnan school. In alignment with the company’s pursuit of promoting educational development through AI, Wang said he hopes that the products will help students in their academic pursuits and encourage more companies and organizations to make similar contributions.

iFLYTEK’s donations complement the efforts of the Ministry of Education Smart Education Application Demonstration Area Project that has been in development since 2021. The project covers over 400,000 students and 28,000 teachers in more than 1,000 schools, and aims to equitably provide quality education resources and promote balanced development of schools.

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