iFLYTEK Donates Smart Education Products to Chongqing School

iFLYTEK Donates Smart Education Products to Chongqing School

iFLYTEK donated a batch of smart education products and services to several rural schools in southwest China’s Chongqing region in June to its advanced education resources with students in remote areas.

In total, the company donated two smart blackboards and 100 after-class service packages to the Lishui Town Central School and its two affiliated primary schools.

The Lishui Town Central School, founded in 1890, has 758 students in 29 classes and 65 teachers and is located three hours’ driving distance from the Chongqing downtown area. The recent donation of iFYTEK products aims to assist the school in conducting comprehensive education for all the students following the principle of “credit, truth, and innovation”.

iFLYTEK Donates Smart Education Products to Chongqing School

Students enjoyed using the company’s products during after-class service. the activity very much and gained knowledge in the process. “I hope such smart education can be brought to more places, both urban and rural areas, so that children can learn and explore more actively,” according to Tuo Congjie, a teacher at the school

Duan Shubi, the principal of the Lishui Town Central School, noted that as China implements the “double-reduction” to cut students’ academic burdens, schools have been looking to use modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to improve classroom teaching, assign scientific homework and conduct after-class services that meet students’ needs.

Furthermore, given that 158 children in the Lishui Town Central School are from single-parent families, about, 20% of the student body, the school has worked to emphasize psychological health education since 2019 by introducing more competent psychological teachers. After reaching a cooperation agreement with iFLYTEK, the school will continue to strengthen its educational capabilities through smart products and services.

At the Zhuyuan Primary School affiliated with the Lishui Town Central School, Luo Yu has been using modern teaching tools, such as multimedia and PowerPoint, for the past two years. Before that, the teachers only had access to blackboards and chalks. “Now with the smart blackboard, we can further improve our teaching and broaden our students’ horizons. I believe that the education gap between mountainous villages and big cities is finally narrowing and that balanced education is being properly implemented,” she said.

iFLYTEK has committed itself to various charity programs, such as with the Lishui Town Central School, to further narrow the urban-rural education gap by providing children in villages with quality resources through technological means.

In 2017, the company launched the “AI Education Charity Program” to promote higher-quality and fairer education while enabling teachers and students to better interact with the help of AI-supported smart tools.

Li Yu, a local education official, expressed his appreciation for iFLYTEK’s donation and recognized the company’s role in aiding rural schools and poverty-stricken students. He also noted how the company provides individualized after-class services that meet each student’s needs and promote their comprehensive development. “This is just like charcoal delivered in the snow. The iFLYTEK products and services can solve our problems in a targeted manner. We are all incredibly grateful for this assistance.” he said.

Yang Kang, the general manager of iFLYTEK’s Chongqing branch, said: “As educational development continues to progress, we should all be part of the effort to reform and improve basic education and eventually build a healthy education sector.” He noted that the Chinese education industry must confront various needs as it expands and changes. Enterprises must then embrace emerging trends to jointly explore new ideas, methods, and paths to innovate in the technological application of education resources and promote new means of teaching.

Based on the charity program in Lishui Town, iFLYTEK hopes to promote the “informationization” of the larger region and bring more students the benefits of technological development so that every child will have the opportunity to stand out and march toward a bright future.

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