iFLYTEK Donates A.I. Technology and Equipment to Combat Coronavirus Epidemic

iFLYTEK Donates A.I. Technology and Equipment to Combat Coronavirus Epidemic

HEFEI – January 31, 2020 – iFLYTEK, Asia’s leading artificial intelligence (A.I.) and speech technology company, has donated medical equipment, supplies, and education technology worth 10 million yuan (approximately $1.44 million) to help Wuhan city fight the coronavirus epidemic. 

“iFLYTEK’s intelligent medical and educational technologies provide unique help and assistance to the government and the public in this extremely complex and difficult period,” said iFLYTEK Chief Financial Officer Mr. Dawei Duan. “We are also employing our smart online classroom technology to provide a way for students to keep learning when schools are temporarily suspended. iFLYTEK will continue to provide our world-leading A.I. expertise and tools to help those working to contain and defeat this virus as long as needed.”

iFLYTEK Donates A.I. Technology and Equipment to Combat Coronavirus Epidemic

In the medical space, iFLYTEK has deployed its intelligent medical assistants to 66 districts and counties to help physicians screen high-risk individuals and conduct patient follow up. These A.I. powered medical assistants analyze the patients’ medical records and send an analysis to the province’s Health Commission, aiding the decision-making process. Additionally, doctors and the Health Commission use iFLYTEK’s intelligent external call system to distribute important information about the illness.

Mr. Duan commented, “Since January 21st, we have dedicated 39 full-time personnel to the prevention and control of coronavirus-related pneumonia in Anhui and the whole country. By using smart medical assistant products and doctors’ expertise, we have provided important tools to those fighting the virus such as online medical record analysis, screening of high-risk patients, and online Q&A with doctors.”

In addition to its A.I. technology, iFLYTEK has donated over 12,000 respirators, 3,000 sets of protective suits, and more than 13,000 goggles to hospitals in the Hubei Province, including Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University and the Third People’s Hospital of Wuhan City, to help alleviate the limited supply of medical materials and prevent further spread of the virus. 

While those in the affected area are unable to attend school, iFLYTEK has provided its smart online classroom to primary and secondary schools in Hubei province at no cost. The platform is a live, online teaching system that relies on an intelligent learning network to personalize learning and streamline teaching preparation. iFLYTEK’s program allows students to maintain a sense of normalcy by preventing the disruption of studies until schools reopen. Today, the program is used in 16,000 schools nationwide helping more than 25 million teachers and students.

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