iFLYTEK Donates 10 Million Yuan to the Countryside for Rural Ecological Protection

iFLYTEK Donates 10 Million Yuan to the Countryside for Rural Ecological Protection

On July 7th, iFLYTEK donated 10 million yuan to the Jing County Rural Revitalization Development Fund. This ecological charity organization pushes for the ecological protection of moso bamboo and the development of an “under forest” industry in Jing County, to protect the ecological environment and help the process of rural revitalization.

IFLYTEK Chairman Liu Qingfeng

To iFLYTEK, Jing County isn’t just another location, but the home of Chairman Liu Qingfeng and the company’s entrepreneurial team. “The landscape and humanity of Jing County have nurtured the group of core entrepreneurs at iFLYTEK, whose inherent optimism and will to fight have deeply influenced the spirit of the entire iFLYTEK team. “My team and I want to make every effort for the ecological protection of the bamboo forest and pay back our community.”

Jing County Cai Village Town was once known as “China’s first town of moso bamboo,”. The seemingly endless expanse of moso bamboo forest was once a source of pride for the farmers that cultivated the land. However, in recent years, the rising cost of labor and the lack of transport channel equipment left large areas of moso bamboo forest unattended, directly affecting the ecological and economic development of this cherished ecosystem.

“Starting with the ecological rescue of moso bamboo, we must first solve the most urgent transport problems, and then explore industrialization to help rural revitalization”. The 10 million yuan donated by iFLYTEK will be directly used to develop the ecological industry of moso bamboo in Jing County, including its ecological protection, processing, economic development, revitalization, to develop ecological tourism, and more.

In addition to these generous donations, iFLYTEK will also provide its own intellectual and industrial resources to fully protect the ecology of bamboo forests in Jing County, explore new paths for the development of the moso bamboo industry, promote equitable and prosperous industries, and provide more demonstration samples for the protection of the bamboo countryside ecosystem and the revitalization of rural development, according to Mr. Liu Qingfeng

iFLYTEK has been exploring artificial intelligence as a means to build a better world in five major directions: the eradication of poverty, the advancement of technology, the promotion of employment, the elevation of education, and the betterment of public health. iFLYTEK will continue its mission to build new models of AI for rural revitalization with independent and controllable technology. Furthermore, iFLYTEK will continue to implement a strategy of “indomitable spirit” and explore the new AI model of rural revitalization.

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