iFLYTEK Displays AI-empowered Life at China International Import Expo

iFLYTEK Displays AI-empowered Life at China International Import Expo

At the Fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE) which opened on November 4th, iFLYTEK presented its smart education, work, and living AI products to those that attended the event, showing visitors the potential AI has to improve their day-to-day lives.

Among the over 3,000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions, including some top 500 global companies, iFLYTEK showcased products such as its AI learning pad, the AI Notebook, the AI translator, the AI recorder, and the AI projector.

China International Import Expo

AI+Office brings people in the world closer together

iFLYTEK has been incorporating its AI software and technology into various industries, such as office work and education, to further enhance the productivity and efficiency of users.

For example, to enhance workplace efficiency, the multiple series of iFLYTEK Smart Recorders can automatically record, transcribe, and translate speeches; the iFLYTEK Smart Translator enables clear, accurate, and smooth multilingual communication in addition to supporting entertainment; and the latest iFLYTEK AI Projector empowers more efficient conferences for more effective cooperation.

Complementing the AI Projector, the iFLYREC Smart Conference System played a valuable part in assisting journalists at multiple CIIE press conferences, helping reporters cover the core AI technologies and applications of iFLYTEK.

Serving in the Press Conference Room at the CIIE, the system recognized both Chinese and English speech and provided real-time speech transcription and translation services. The system has been previously used at various large-scale events, including the “Two Sessions” of China, the World Manufacturing Convention, the China International Digital Economy Expo and the Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Expo. In total, the iFLYREC Smart Conference System has assisted more than 300 million people at over 10,000 conferences.

iFLYTEK AI products

iFLYTEK AI translator

On display at the CIIE, the iFLYTEK AI Notebook gained attention for its various applications. The device allows users to write as if writing with a pen on paper while also providing users with speech transcription services that is 98% accurate for English and 12 related dialects. The AI Notebook also can recognize different speakers and produce scripts accordingly.

AI+Education enables targeted teaching 

iFLYTEK’s education products and solutions were on full display at the CIIE, as visitors were provided the opportunity to learn about iFLYTEK’s one-on-one family AI tutoring products and how they boost students’ motivation and learning capabilities.

iFLYTEK AI Notebook

For instance, the iFLYTEK AI Learning Pad T10 boasts three AI-enabled functions for personalized learning, human-machine interaction, and family tutoring. The device guides children with greater structure by organizing key points in knowledge graphs and noting where performance can be improved. Given the effectiveness of the AI learning pad, the device can play a valuable role in reducing the academic burdens on children while promoting their comprehensive development.

In the future, iFLYTEK will develop more AI products to assist with the multitude of different industries and needs, making AI an everyday part of daily life. In doing so, the company aims to further develop AI into a smart assistant for everyone, and to bring greater convenience and efficiency to users in all day-to-day activities.

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