iFLYTEK Displays Advanced Smart Acoustic Systems

iFLYTEK Displays Advanced Smart Acoustic Systems for Automobiles at Chengdu Motor Show

iFLYTEK’s smart acoustic and voice interaction systems were on full display at the recent Chengdu Motor Show 2022, where more than 1,600 vehicles from 128 automakers were exhibited.

iFLYTEK Displays Advanced Smart Acoustic Systems

Since entering the auto industry 19 years ago, iFLYTEK has provided smart voice interaction systems for more than 1,300 car models, including several models that made their debut at the Chengdu Motor Show.

In 2021, iFLYTEK launched its FEIYU smart audio management system for vehicles. Supported by iFLYTEK core AI technologies and combining both software and hardware, the system can meet the diverse needs of its users.

For example, the IM L7 includes fully integrated iFLYTEK tech and is equipped with a 1120W HI-FI stereo system with 22 customized speakers. The system creates an immersive acoustic experience that intelligently manages the speakers in different areas of the vehicle to meet the individualized preferences of the passengers. The GAC Motor M8 model also featured the iFLYTEK FEIYU smart audio management system at the Chengdu exhibition.

In addition to providing audio for music and navigational services, iFLYTEK has worked to incorporate its educational resources into car acoustic systems. The recent Chery model ARRIZO 8, for instance, includes an AI smart education system jointly developed by iFLYTEK and the carmaker. The system can play educational programs for children during car rides and has a voice assistant that can interact with children in real time.

iFLYTEK has worked to develop multilingual speech technologies to aid Chinese car makers in marketing their products abroad. As of now, the company has realized speech recognition for 71 languages, with the accuracy rate for 35 languages exceeding 90%. iFLYTEK has incorporated its advanced capabilities into its car acoustic systems to provide 10 different languages, including English, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Thai.

iFLYTEK has also gained a foothold in the emerging new electric vehicle (EV) industry, where there is a significant demand for voice recognition technology integration. iFLYTEK has reached cooperation agreements with major Chinese EV carmakers including HiPhi, NIO, BYD, VOYAH, Leap Motor, and WM Motor to install on their cars’ smart acoustic and voice interaction systems.

iFLYTEK will work continuously to improve its smart technologies and systems for future cars to create safer, smarter, and more immersive experiences for drivers.

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