iFLYTEK Debuts Last Film of AI-Supported Gusu Suoji Series

iFLYTEK Debuts Last Film of AI-Supported Gusu Suoji Series

iFLYTEK recently debuted the short film Gusu Suoji—Tianxianzi, or “A Record of Suzhou—Fairy”, in cooperation with the Studio Shenlouzhi that featured a virtual figure with a synthesized Suzhou dialect supported by iFLYTEK technologies, including advanced artificial intelligence.

iFLYTEK Debuts Last Film of AI-Supported Gusu Suoji Series

The iFLYTEK Input Method team and iFLYTEK Suzhou Institute began working with the Studio Shenlouzhi in 2021 to produce a series of films on life in ancient Suzhou with AI-supported synthesized Suzhou dialect voice-overs. The latest release of iFLYTEK and Shenlouzhi concludes the three-part Gusu Suoji series.

The film follows the story of a vendor who helps a young woman escape from her arranged marriage with the help of a fairy. In this story, iFLYTEK and Shenlouzhi aimed to pair modern technology and a time-appropriate storyline to immerse the audience into the lives and customs of the Song Dynasty.

The AI-rendered Fairy created by iFLYTEK is a 1:1 life-like model of a Chinese actor named Zhang Xiyue wearing authentic make-up and costumes of the Song Dynasty.

Since its foundation, iFLYTEK has sought to utilize advanced technologies in speech synthesis and recognition, semantic understanding, and image rendering to create life-like characters. The iFLYTEK Suzhou Institute has dedicated hard work and creativity to produce various AI virtual figures for different scenarios using the iFLYTEK technologies.
The series of short films is only one of many actions taken by the iFLYTEK Input Method team to raise awareness of, and protect, the many regional Chinese dialects through the Dialect Inheritance Plan and other strategic initiatives. Through the Dialect Inheritance Plan alone, iFLYTEK has achieved speech recognition for 25 Chinese dialects—ensuring their preservation.

The director of the Dialect Inheritance Plan said, “The Gusu Suoji series has created another means of dialect application and protection. The virtual figure in the film has made the work more attractive and broadened the prospects of technology application. We feel proud to have been able to pass on our traditional culture with our technologies through efforts like the Gusu Suoji series and we hope that the latest film will strengthen the sense of national identity and cultural confidence in China’s younger generations.”

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