iFLYTEK Chairman Liu Qingfeng spoke at AI partners online exhibition.

iFLYTEK Chairman Liu Qingfeng Speaks at iFLYTEK AI Partners Online Exhibition

iFLYTEK Chairman Liu Qingfeng recently addressed the iFLYTEK AI Partners Online Exhibition to address the company’s plans for sustainable development, ongoing market analysis, and iFLYTEK cooperation policies. He reflected on the strong performance and growth among iFLYTEK partners in 2022 and shared iFLYTEK’s vision of using its artificial intelligence technologies to address critical social needs in the fields of education and healthcare.

Chairman Liu highlighted the advances made by iFLYTEK in developing technology to improve education outcomes. For example, iFLYTEK products have greatly improved classroom efficiency by empowering teachers to personalize education materials according to individual students’ aptitudes. This type of tool creates greater efficiency in the classroom and allows schools to create holistic education plans for all students.

In healthcare, iFLYTEK AI tools have greatly reduced initial misdiagnoses, missed diagnosis, and incorrect medication usage. Hospital follow-up calls and reminders empowered by artificial intelligence, in combination with medical care, streamline patient care and reduce the administrative burden on medical facilities.

“In 2023, together with all our partners, we will push our business higher by holding high-value and positive market activities in alignment with future trends and top-level design,” said Liu Qingfeng.

Liu Qingfeng outlined specific steps iFLYTEK will take to deliver growth and achieve sustainable development despite current challenges and uncertainties, including:

  • Developing omni-channel products and solutions aligned with customer needs;
  • Improving transparency within the organization to ensure every team is fully empowered to succeed;
  • Identifying new business opportunities in industrial digitization;
  • Promoting the development of a peer business center to help cultivate a strong talent pipeline and empower our partners.

Liu Qingfeng expressed the optimism that in the new year the rapid release of improved core technology products and the strong momentum from 2022 will enable iFLYTEK and its partners to reach new milestones together. “We hope iFLYTEK and its partners can grow together in this new year, with positive interaction between the front end and the back end, forming an atmosphere of mutual encouragement and encouragement, trust and mutual support, and sustainable development”.

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