iFLYTEK Assists Leading Chinese Hospital with Smart Services

iFLYTEK Assists Leading Chinese Hospital with Smart Services

The 100-year-old Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH), a designated hospital for the Beijing Winter Olympics, has built itself into a “smart hospital” through its collaboration with iFLYTEK to make outstanding contributions to medical services in China. The medical institution started its cooperation with iFLYTEK Healthcare in 2017 and has since signed a strategic cooperation plan with the company to build an Artificial Intelligence Medical Research Center to jointly promote AI in basic and clinical science research.

Hospital management has always been a priority area for PUMCH, requiring digital transformation to promote efficiency in services. Specifically, the hospital has adopted cutting-edge technologies such AI and OCR in its management system that is integrated with the medical service system. After patients make appointments for various services, the system will automatically generate an electronic pass to allow access to appropriate locations. In addition, the system will guide patients to make registrations online and check their health status before visiting the hospital. Thanks to such efforts, the hospital is able to conduct precise screening of all visitors and effective control of cross-infection, a capability highlighted by the outbreak of the COVID-19 in early 2020.

In this way, PUMCH has been able to continuously track the spread of COVID-19, allow for non-contact personnel management, provide automatic risk screening, and control the inflow and outflow of visitors, which effectively cuts patients’ wait times and the risks of cross-infection. As of now, the digital system at the hospital has served 2.2 million individuals. What’s more, the hospital has detected 2,478 people with potential COVID-19 infections.

iFLYTEK Assists Leading Chinese Hospital with Smart Services

Visitors go through barriers at PUMCH

To enhance diagnosis and treatment services, PUMCH has worked with iFLYTEK Healthcare to make use of AI technologies including voice interaction, OCR and natural language understanding. After patients make appointments online, the medical service system will guide them to input their health status so that descriptions about their conditions will be automatically generated for doctors’ references in later diagnosis and treatment.

PUMCH has adopted voice input by patients in combination with the traditional forms that need to be filled manually. Supported by speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies, the hospital’s medical service system is able to translate what patients have said into well-organized materials, improving the efficiency and the experience of both patients and medical workers.

Additionally, the medical service system has adopted OCR technology that allows patients to more efficiently upload pictures of medical records and reports from other hospitals so that doctors at PUMCH can better understand their medical history. Due to the greater capabilities enabled by such cutting-edge technology, 80 percent of PUMCH’s departments have since adopted the medical service system. A total of 1.68 million patients have benefited because of the implementation of the system, enjoying more efficient and comprehensive medical services.

iFLYTEK aims to improve healthcare with artificial intelligence

As a leading company in the intelligent speech and artificial intelligence field in the Asia-Pacific region, iFLYTEK started exploring the healthcare industry in 2016 and has since worked to enable smart personalized medical services. The company has developed solutions like voice input by patients, electronic medical records, clinical decision support, and smart follow-ups.

Based on its intelligent speech, medical imaging, and cognitive intelligence technologies, iFLYTEK has developed a full array of smart medical products for both top and grassroots hospitals. As of now, more than 200 Tier-3 hospitals (highest in the three-level system in China) have adopted the company’s medical products and solutions; including five hospitals ranked in the top 10 list, and 20 hospitals in the top 50 list in China. Many famous noteworthy hospitals, including PUMCH and the Anhui Provincial Hospital, have been regularly using iFLYTEK’s products. In the future, iFLYTEK will stick to technological innovation and application and continue to use artificial intelligence to improve healthcare for the people.

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