iFLYTEK and China Mobile’s 5G Secretary Debuts in China

iFLYTEK and China Mobile’s 5G Secretary Debuts in China

The 5G Secretary, developed by iFLYTEK and China Mobile Chongqing branch, made its debut in Chongqing. Combining 5G and artificial intelligence technologies, the 5G Secretary is the first product of its kind that has a visible AI-supported virtual image provide automatic phone call answer services.

The 5G Secretary is set to transform how users interact with one another over the phone. By virtue of technologies such as intelligent speech interaction, AI virtual assistant, 5G communication, and video calls, the smart product is able to automatically answer phone calls for the user, conduct “face-to-face” conversations with callers, while passing on the message in real time to the user.

iFLYTEK and China Mobile’s 5G Secretary Debuts in China

With the 5G Secretary, users will no more miss phone calls when they are busy with work, driving, on flights, etc. Like an actual work assistant, the smart virtual secretary can immediately respond to phone calls and can handle and assess mulitple callers at once. Formulated on the China Mobile continuously updating data base and the AI capacities of iFLYTEK, the 5G Secretary can recognize more than 180 different types of phone calls and pass on messages in real time through various platforms and methods like WeChat, mobile phone, user service applications, text messages, and even 5G messages.

Meanwhile, the 5G Secretary is able to provide 24-hour identifications, the declining and blocking of nuisance calls, and the maintenance of effective and smooth communication.

Furthermore, iFLYTEK and China Mobile Chongqing branch have introduced three different virtual images of the 5G Secretary—the business style secretary Xiaoxuan and two cartoon figures, Tangdaoya (Lying-flat Duck) and Zhuxiaopi (Piglet Pi). In addition to the three “smart secretaries”, more virtual images will be included and a DIY feature will be developed to meet the personalized needs of users.

The 5G Secretary has been enthusiastically received by users upon its debut and iFLYTEK and China Mobile Chongqing branch are optimistic about the potential of the products potential. As time continues, iFLYTEK and China Chongqing branch will work to improve the 5G assistant to provide for services like weather forecasts, flight information inquiries, conference recordings, real-time subtitle translations, and reply recommendations, with the aim of evolving a “phone call assistant” into a “daily life assistant”.

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