iFLYTEK 1024 Global Developer Festival Opens

iFLYTEK 1024 Global Developer Festival Opens

On Oct. 25 in Hefei, China, the Fourth World Voice Expo and the 2021 iFLYTEK 1024 Developer Festival with the theme of “Symbiosis with AI·A New Journey.” Liu Qingfeng, founder and chairman of iFLYTEK; Gao Wen, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Nobel Prize winner Michael Levitt, Senior Vice President of Huawei Yu Chengdong, Chairman and CEO of Innovation Works Li Kaifu, and Michael Wooldridge, former president of International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence were among those who attended the opening ceremony.

The annual iFLYTEK 1024 Developer Festival was launched in 2017. This year’s festival consists of a variety of events, including the opening ceremony of the Fourth World Voice Expo, keynote speeches by key industry leaders, the 1024 Technology Expo, various industry-specific summit, a multitude of charity programs, and the AI developers’ competition,

Liu Qingfeng: Here, We Experience the Flowers of AI Blooming

At the opening ceremony, iFLYTEK Founder and Chairman Liu Qingfeng said in his speech that “Artificial intelligence (AI) has never been as close to us as it is today”; and “human beings have never had as urgent a need as today for artificial intelligence.”

Over the past year, the number of registered developers on the iFLYTEK Open Platform increased by 69 percent from 1.57 to 2.65 million, with 60% of the 1.08 million new members working in the field of industrial production. Meanwhile, the number of teams participating in the AI developers’ competition rose by 146% from 9,118 last year to 22,472 as the industries involved in the competition grew from 23 to 105, up 356%. Additionally, 87% of the participants are entrepreneurs under the age of 30. These young entrepreneurs are set to embark on great journeys that will change the world, Liu said. 

More than 60 partners joined iFLYTEK in launching the competitions concerning applications, research, and charity in 105 different industries.

Over the past year, iFLYTEK has achieved breakthroughs in multiple technologies including unsupervised learning, multi-modal human-computer interaction, integrated research in artificial intelligence and brain science and human-machine collaboration. Chairman Liu stated during the event that he believes that to solve major social problems through artificial intelligence, an environment of systematic innovation must be fostered that doesn’t overly prioritize the pursuit of individual technologies.

“Only after sprouting from the dark soil and going through all the winds and rains, will a seed eventually bloom and bear fruits. Hefei and Anhui have served as a fertile land for building a source of artificial intelligence innovation and an AI industry cluster,” Liu said. “We look forward to coming into full bloom together with all of you on the land of artificial intelligence in China.”

Chairman Liu said that he hopes to realize the continued development of artificial intelligence together with all developers to aid everyone and usher in a new era of innovation and progress. To this end, Liu released the iFLYTEK Open Platform 2.0 strategy at the developer festival. 

iFLYTEK will continue to work with leading enterprises to jointly build the foundation for serving various industries. Additionally, it will open scenarios for applications to developers and empower developers on the platform to innovate and strive with a reasonable profit-sharing model.

On the iFLYTEK Open Platform 2.0, 18 main industries have been proposed for product and application development, including those in education, healthcare, smart city design, agriculture, and environmental protection. Currently, thousands of teams are working towards innovations in each of these fields and many others. 

To implement the iFLYTEK Open Platform 2.0 strategy, six key measures have been proposed, including establishing a standard system, providing evaluations for third parties, and setting up a training center. The goal of these measures is to enable entrepreneurs on the platform to conduct artificial intelligence innovation and continue pushing the boundaries of AI development. 

1024 Plan 5.0: To open over 500 core technologies to developers

Wu Xiaoru, the executive president of iFLYTEK, released the 1024 Plan 5.0 at the developer festival with the aim of empowering the artificial intelligence industry ecosystem. In highlighting iFLYTEK’s vision for the plan, Wu shared with the audience iFLYTEK’s systematic efforts in original innovation, open cooperation, benefits sharing, and charity programs for creating a prosperous artificial intelligence industry.

 This year alone, iFLYTEK has achieved breakthroughs and broken world records in multiple fields including voice, image, and cognition technologies. The company works to foster original innovation and seeks to continually empower developers with its AI technologies. As of now, 441 AI technologies have been open to developers on the iFLYTEK Open Platform and the number is expected to exceed 500.

Meanwhile, iFLYTEK has committed to cooperating with its partners to solve major social problems and jointly share the benefits of industry digitalization. In this pursuit, the company has opened its education super brain and worked with three leading sales platforms in China to create a flourishing industry while simultaneously empowering various industries with AI applications and products in steps towards building smart cities. 

iFLYTEK has also been committed to charity programs to make more people experience the benefits AI. It has opened its AI technologies for free to developers who work on applications for senior people and those with disabilities. So far, 26,197 barrier free applications have been created based on the iFLYTEK Open Platform and have served 12.18 million people with visual and hearing impairments.

iFLYTEK works to nurture a flourishing AI industry and uses AI to empower digital transformation of enterprises

At an AI technology press conference during the developer festival, Hu Guoping, Senior Vice President of iFLYTEK and head of the iFLYTEK Research Institute, put forward three key elements of systematic innovation: to interpret major problems in a scientific way; to apply single core technologies to application; and to integrate core technologies for innovation. 

To this end, iFLYTEK has worked to promote end-to-end modeling, unsupervised training, multi-modal human-computer interaction, and the integration of knowledge and algorithms. iFLYTEK works to achieve original innovations and keep a leading position in the industry, while at the same time opening its AI technologies to help nurture a flourishing AI industry,” he said. 

To better empower companies’ digital transformation with AI, iFLYTEK Vice President Yu Jidong released the iFLYTEK Enterprise Digitalization Platform during the festival. 

Industries are seeing a rising demand of AI. In the steel industry, OCR technology can help workers quickly enter the number of steel coils used in their work, saving them from time-consuming manual recording; in the retailing industry, salesclerks can use smart earphones to learn store operation and production information; in the healthcare field, AI-enabled voice reminders can alert possible problems with first aid devices to improve the efficiency of quality inspection. Even in regular office work, AI can help with tasks such as automatic meeting records, attendance management, internal information query, after-sales customer service, intelligent invoice recognition, and reimbursement and subtitles translation. 

iFLYTEK hopes to work with more partners, including AI developers and experts, to apply AI to even more industries and will open more of its technologies to developers to jointly nurture a flouring industry, Yu said. In the future, the company will work to attract more talent and resources from around the world to continuously foster a robust AI development environment that places systematic innovation at the center of its progress. 

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