Chinese Schools Conduct Smart Management of PE Classes

Chinese Schools Conduct Smart Management of PE Classes

Multiple schools in Hefei, the capital city of east China’s Anhui Province, have adopted iFLYTEK’s smart solutions for PE class management, making exercises and training more targeted and effective for students.

For example, at the Primary School Affiliated to the Hefei Normal University, students wear an electronic armband that monitors their heart rate in PE classes. PE instructors with a tablet can track the physical conditions and activity levels of all students and adjust the lessons appropriately.

Chinese Schools Conduct Smart Management of PE Classes

The smart system also makes sports training more scientific by collecting statistics and providing visualized feedback. Take standing broad, where the artificial intelligence-supported sports system is able to broadcast the results in real time and analyze indicators like jumping height, take-off angle, and arm swing to account for areas of improvement for the students engaged in the activity. In this way, teachers can provide targeted and personalized instructions to each individual student improve, according to Yuan Shengyun, the deputy director of teaching research at the Hefei 168 Rose Garden School.

In another instance, the Hefei No. 7 High School has been making effective use of a smart playground that can measure and broadcast the results of sports events, including 50-meter sprints, standing broad jumps and medicine balls. Additionally, the system can detect and report fouls in a variety of activities, allowing the system itself to act as a referee. “With the AI smart playground, students can get real-time feedback on their performance in sports events. When they are informed of the statistics indicating their progress, they become more interested in sports and PE class,” a PE teacher from the school said.

Other schools in Hefei have taken advantage of cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, to aids students to lose weight and keep fit. At the Hefei No. 4 High School, teachers have used an AI smart sports system to organize summer camps for overweight students, providing them with personalized health plans while recording and analyzing each student’s health status data. At the Hefei Experimental School, a similar system has been adopted to help students do sports in a more scientific way and achieve more comprehensive development.

The smart sports systems and solutions that cover nine schools in Hefei were developed by iFLYTEK to ensure that schools have the capabilities to efficiently lead gym classes and effectively promote the health of student. By utilizing AI technology to develop physical training systems, iFLYTEK hopes to continue encouraging cutting-edge platforms to address public fitness and health.

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