China’s First Deaf Lawyer and Her “Running Life”

China’s First Deaf Lawyer and Her “Running Life”

Tan Ting was born in the 1990s and had a difficult childhood before becoming the first deaf lawyer in China. Tan Ting lost her hearing and dropped out of school when a medical accident took her hearing away at eight years old. After 5 years of being out of school, she went to a special education school to continue studying. From there, Tan jumped two grades, passed the Judicial Examination, and managed to move out of the small village near Daliang Mountain. 

“You have no choice but to run in the rain if you don’t have an umbrella.” In her silent world, Tan Ting found her ears with the iFLYREC App thanks to its speech recognition and transcription functions. Tan is now connected to the world and runs in full to catch up. 

At present, Tan is working in legal knowledge education and legal aid service for disabled people and is trying her best to help them live and study. At the same time, the iFLYREC App continues to be Tan’s best companion, making her consultations and communications work more convenient. The iFLYREC App has proven itself successful and will continue to do serve more people in need.

China’s First Deaf Lawyer and Her “Running Life”

May 16th of this year marked the 31st National Disability Day and the 2nd anniversary of “Hearing the Voice of A.I.,” a welfare program for the hearing-impaired. On this special day, iFLYREC launched the Care Upgrade Plan to better empower the hearing-impaired in living, work, and studying to help them achieve barrier-free communication and self-value. 

“Hearing the Voice of A.I.” was launched by iFLYTEK in 2019 and has up to now provided 27.89 million minutes of free speech transcription to hearing-impaired people.

iFLYREC provides speech transcription services to all hearing-impaired people in scenarios covering living, work, studying, and communication. 

•iFLYREC App will continue to provide free real-time speech transcription services to hearing-impaired people, easing and improving communications;

•Except for existing rights and interests, iFLYREC meeting service (including function of in-session real-time transcription and translation) will permanently be for free for hearing-impaired people to aid their life and work;

iFLYREC customers are also contributing to help the hearing-impaired through buying our services and products.

•3 more minutes of free machine transcription service will be provided to the group with every successful transaction of speech transcription on iFLYREC website or App;

•60 more minutes of free machine transcription service will be provided to the group with every successful buying of iFLYREC smart recorder series A/B/M/H. 

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