iFLTYEK AI Empowers Seniors

AI Attends to the Young and Old in China

Artificial intelligence solutions are being integrated into daily use to support populations across China, including everyone from school children to grandmothers. iFLYTEK is proud of the contributions our products make to ensuring quality, accessible care and enhancing education systems.

At the 6th World Intelligence Congress (WIC) held on June 24 in Tianjin, China Central Television featured some of iFLYTEK’s AI-supported solutions including how AI is supporting seniors and schools in Tianjin.

AI Empowers Seniors to Live Independently

In Tianjin, a “smart city”, 70-year-old grandmother Granny Wang lives alone with the assistance of AI products and solutions. She thinks of AI as a “considerate helper” that attends to her needs and care.

Granny Wang uses voice-controlled AI services to check the weather, activate smart home systems like ceiling fan, video call family and friends, and keep up with community activities. The system can even be customized to speak in the voices of her family members, which many seniors find comforting.

Furthermore, the health equipment in Granny Wang’s AI-supported smart apartment monitors her health and can provide care suggestions. For example, the smart bracelet simultaneously monitors her blood pressure, heartbeat, and body temperature, and uses the data to provide care recommendations. Data can also be shared with family members and can trigger emergency alerts when necessary through an alarm system that Granny Wang has hooked up near her bed, and one that she can wear around her waist.

iFLTYEK AI Empowers Seniors

iFLTYEK launched the smart system for home-based senior nursing in 2021 in Tianjin to aid the work of community workers. By integrating the AI-based home system into key elements of seniors’ daily lives, iFLYTEK has helped reduce the need for daily well-visits.

Following a year of test runs and improvements, the smart senior nursing platform has been used in 260,000 households across nine districts of Tianjin. More than 130,000 automatic calls have been made, 38,000 text messages sent, and 15,000 alarms attended to via the platform.

Smart education system facilitates efficient, effective teaching

The Tianjin Eco City School, which is affiliated with Beijing Normal University, has adopted an integrated management platform. The school’s smart teaching system, energy consumption, and security management systems are connected to the Tianjin Eco City Smart Brain system. The platform allows school officials to easily monitor and identify patterns related to student attendance, school energy consumption, and air quality to make timely adjustments.

Based on the management platform, the school also developed a credit system to foster comprehensive quality education that promotes the strengths of each student.

“It’s our principle to elevate our students by enabling them to fully display themselves on the platform we built,” said Li Rui, assistant to the school’s principal.

Teachers benefit from the system as well. The smart classroom system on the platform allows teachers to efficiently prepare for their classes, according to one teacher at the school. Through the interconnected learning and teaching pads, teachers can quickly reply to students’ answers in quizzes and provide targeted instructions according to their performance.

More individualized homework has also been assigned through the AI-supported platform, which allows students to choose their own tasks from an online library. Students are thus able to alleviate their academic burdens while still enhancing their education.

In addition to improving classroom teaching, the Tianjin Eco City School also applies AI technology to physical education. Sports events like rope climbing, sprints, and sit-ups are all monitored with AI visual analysis technology that gives real-time feedback and scientific suggestions on improvement while helping teachers better manage their lessons.

“We hope to promote students’ growth with the data collected by using the data to find out how to best explore their biggest strengths,” Li said.

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