A.I. is Ensuring Orderly Vaccination in Hefei

A.I. is Ensuring Orderly Vaccination in Hefei

The vaccination campaign in Hefei city, Luyang district is currently being carried out in an orderly and efficient manner, with all vaccination points running smoothly, thanks in part to the effective utilization of A.I. technology.    

On 27th May, the Sanshigang County hospital in Luyang district was receiving lines of citizens waiting to be vaccinated. Among them was Grandma Chen. Her older age and near illiteracy made it more difficult for messages to reach her. However, unlike prior attempts to reach her, this time the hospital had called her. “I rushed here without any hesitation after getting the call.” she said.   

The reporter of this article learned from the vaccination point that the hospital staff sends out messages every day to notify villagers of their vaccination times based on the amount and variety of vaccines available. “The hospital is very busy, but everything is running smoothly and in order with the help of A.I.,” said He Qi, Vice President of Sanshigang County hospital.  

The A.I. referenced here refers to the “A.I. Healthcare Assistant”, which is utilized as a doctor’s assistant by basic medical units across China. The Sanshigang County hospital has been using this A.I. product for more than 2 years proving not only its effectivity, but also its efficiency in lifting the burden of medical workers. At a time when the world is confronted with a global pandemic, the A.I. Healthcare Assistant contributes greatly to helping medical frontline workers sail through hard times.   

“The A.I. Healthcare Assistant plays an important role in vaccination. In normal times, it helps us make phone calls to arrange medical agreement signage and send notifications. At a time like this when the demand for vaccination surges, it helps us separate and organize vaccination groups. You just need to set tasks to it, press a button, and it will send notifications to hundreds of citizens. It’s efficient and effective. Plus, it saves man power” He Qi added.   

As of now, the Sanshigang County hospital has nearly completed its first vaccination doses and is preparing to send out notifications for the second dose as well. The services provided by the A.I. Healthcare Assistant and its effectivity in assisting public health is already making a difference between life and death within Hospitals like the one in Sanshigang County. Yet A.I. technologies will continue develop and grow, providing the most convenient and efficient services to people in the neighborhood and beyond. 

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