15-Year-Old Student Uses iFLYTEK Learning Pad to Study in Germany

15-Year-Old Student Uses iFLYTEK Learning Pad to Study in Germany

When 15-year-old Wenwen, a student at the Chengdu Foreign Language School, decided she wanted to pursue her education in Germany, the iFLYTEK Learning Pad empowered her independent studies to take the step. In 2021, Wenwen left Chengdu to complete her secondary education at the Sabel Gymnasium in Nuremberg.

15-Year-Old Student Uses iFLYTEK Learning Pad to Study in Germany

Wenwen’s passion for German language and philosophy began in a reading club she joined at Sichuan University, where she studied The Republic and The Dialogues of Plato under the guidance of a professor. “Then I became very interested in German philosophy, and later I had the idea of learning German,” Wenwen recalled.

“To prepare myself, I signed up for a 4-hour daily German language course,” Wenwen shared with iFLYTEK. While her parents worried that her German language pursuits would impact Wenwen’s other studies, the iFLYTEK AI Learning Pad allowed Wenwen to continue attending online classes during the 2-hour subway rides between her home and the teaching center.

Thanks to the AI Learning Pad’s efficiency, Wenwen said that the iFLYTEK product saved her time and empowered her to study more independently. “On the Learning Pad, I can control the learning at my own pace, whereas in the classroom, the teacher must repeat the same things several times for all the students. So, I can spare the time for other tasks,” she said.

Despite some challenges when she first began her studies at the Sabel Gymnasium, Wenwen again used her Learning Pad to help with her courses. Wenwen was able to use the AI precision learning function to search and do exercises related to trigonometric functions, for example, which helped her build that critical skill. “Through the Learning Pad, I was able to master the subjects I took,” she said. Wenwen also shared that the Learning Pad showed her new problem-solving methods, and with its help, she received top marks in many of her exams in Germany.

Through her hard work and the learning opportunities enabled by the iFLYTEK Learning Pad, Wenwen received offers from two famed universities in Nuremberg to join their intensive summer programs – the University of Jena and the University of Nuremberg. iFLYTEK will continue to promote and refine its educational products to empower students like Wenwen to fully realize their academic and personal potential.

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