Roundtable Discussion on 1024 Developer Festival Singapore City Summit

1024 Overseas City Summit Singapore: Education Going Global with AI

On November 4, the 2022 iFLYTEK 1024 Global Developer Festival Singapore City Summit was held with the theme “Education Going Global with AI”. Participants from Singaporean government departments, universities, educational institutions, and other fields gathered to discuss the application, opportunities, and challenges of AI in education.

The Overseas Regional Manager of iFLYTEK, Jeffery Wang, began the event by sharing an overview of the company’s core technologies, including speech synthesis and recognition and machine translation, and went on to discuss iFLYTEK’s business in smart education, smart healthcare, enterprise digitization, smart city tech, and AI marketing.

Keynote Speech by Jeffery Wang on 1024 Developer Festival Singapore City Summit
[Keynote speech by Jeffery Wang, Overseas Regional Manager of iFLYTEK]

iFLYTEK was joined at the conference by Singaporean partner organizations like Goodtech. Martin Wang, Technical Director at Goodtech, spoke at the conference and gave a keynote presentation titled Standing on the Shoulders of AI: Building the Existing Educational Capacity of AI, which went over the many scenarios of AI application in education. He went on to discuss how AI marketing, AI duplicate content checking, automatic grading, personalized learning, teacher-student behavior monitoring, teacher behavior analysis, class attendance management, adaptive learning, early education, and other similar technologies can go on to empower education to be more effective and efficient.

Keynote Speech by Martin Wang on 1024 Developer Festival Singapore City Summit
[Keynote speech by Martin Wang, Technical Director at Goodtech]

The summit also included a roundtable discussion on “How AI Boosts Education”, touching on issues regarding as the application, challenges, and future trends of AI in education. Chris Ho, Senior Business Manager of AWS Singapore, served as the moderator, while several guests shared their observations and took questions from the audience. Participants of the roundtable included Yonggang Wen, a Fellow of the Academy of Engineering in Singapore and Associate Dean of Nanyang Technological University; Koo Sengmeng, Senior Deputy Director of AI Singapore (AISG); Jeffery Wang, Overseas Regional Manager of iFLYTEK; and Tim F Nash, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Wohui Mandarin.

Roundtable Discussion on 1024 Developer Festival Singapore City Summit
[Panelists Speak at Roundtable Discussion]

iFLYTEK has made substantive efforts to increase its global presence since first formulating its global strategy in 2018. The company has made it a priority to engage with like-minded peers and partners to build a better world through AI and to address societal needs through advanced AI products and services.

In 2020, the iFLYTEK Open Platform International was officially launched, covering Singapore, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries and regions. The platform is committed to serving domestic companies seeking to build their global and overseas enterprises, as well as aiding government agencies and developers. By making iFLYTEK’s advanced AI technologies, capabilities, and one-stop solutions available, the company is contributing to the globalization of AI capabilities.

Moving forward after the summit, iFLYTEK will continue to deepen its cooperation with local enterprises and governments and provide more AI capabilities and technologies to accelerate the development of smart education in Singapore and beyond.

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