iFLYTEK History

Our History

iFLYTEK was founded in 1999 by Liu Qingfeng who currently serves as the Founder, Chairman and President of the company. Liu Qingfeng founded the company along with 18 fellow college and graduate students after participating in a speech synthesis contest and obtaining the highest score of all speech synthesis solutions at the time.

Since its founding, iFLYTEK has been dedicated to the research and development of intelligent speech and language technologies in addition to the application of artificial intelligence in the world.


FLYTEK is founded by a group of college students


iFLYTEK partners with USTC and Academy of Social Sciences to build initial research labs


iFLYTEK receives the ‘National Key Software Enterprise’ award and is sponsored by the National Department of Science and Technology


Annual revenue reaches 100 million RMB


iFLYTEK intelligent voice chip hits the market


iFLYTEK goes public and is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the only voice technology company listed at that time (Stock Code: 002230


iFLYTEK launches its Open Platform, which is the first open voice platform with voice recognition capability


iFLYTEK launches the first Chinese deep neural network speech recognition system


The Open Platform “Voice Cloud” reaches over 150 million users


іFLYTEK launches the groundbreaking HyperBrain Project


iFLYTEK launches AlUl, an upgraded version of the original iFLYTEK Open Platform


iFLYTEK’s speech synthesis is deemed more natural than the average person. iFLYTEK releases Xiao Yi Translator and iFLYREC Intelligent Conferencing System


iFLYTEK is ranked the 6th smartest company by MIT Technology Review


iFLYTEK reports $800 million in annual revenue and continues to release more A.l. products


FLYTEK was chosen to be the exclusive translation and transcription service provider for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

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