iFLYTEK AI Keyboard & Mouse

iFLYTEK AI Keyboard & Mouse are AI office devices that support voice input, voice translation and voice control. In addition to the generic capabilities of keyboard & mouse, they can also perform as the voice terminals of user-computer interactions.

Key Features

Voice typing: Support speech input in 66 languages, with the recognition accuracy of 98%.

Voice translation: Support real-time translation between Chinese and 73 foreign languages, fit for foreign trade, business, study abroad, learning and other scenarios.

Voice control: Support voice search and computer switch-on applications to fulfill work and entertainment needs, reducing find, click, select and other cumbersome operations.

User Convenience

Built-in iFLYTEK input engine is capable of OCR recognition, buzz word identification, voice reading, and audio transcription.

Flexible switching of input, translation, search and other functions with one button, and no need to long press the button to make voice input.

Support offline voice recognition and the switch between dual devices.

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